DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

Since we moved into our house almost 5 years ago… I’ve ALWAYS wanted an oversized kitchen chalkboard!  I was going to just buy one — which would cost hundreds of dollars.  Well, I’m happy to report that I finally got around to teaming up with the hubs and we made one for under $30.  Woot!  I bought all of my supplies for this project at Lowe’s.

Supplies:  Three 1×4’s and a sheet of plywood (32″ x 48″ and 1/4″ thick, see below)
Chalkboard Paint and Tacks (and roller for painting, of course)

 First go ahead and put a couple of layers of chalkboard paint on your plywood.
While that’s drying, let’s take a few minutes to beat up our 1×4’s a bit.
 These two tools will create some character.  A few gouges and dings here and there.
Then we’ll stain the wood, I used a Chestnut color… any stain will do!
 Tack the plywood on to all four sides.
 …and you have yourself a fabulous chalkboard!
 Check out the before and after.
 I think it was always meant to be — such a shame that I waited so many years.  Right?
I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  Oh the fun… quotes, love notes, etc.
 What do you think of my kitchen chalkboard??  I’d {love} to know.

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  1. Claire says

    This looks great :)

    I was thing of doing similar to make a menu board …

    Hope your having a great day

    Claire x

    • says

      YAY! Thanks so much for loving on my project :) I hope you do make one, just be sure to send me the link! I’d love to see it. Hugs, Natassia.

  2. Deborah says

    LOVE IT! You will have so much fun now putting up messages ang fun sayings! Why did you wait so long?!?

  3. Camille says

    Wow!!! I think it REALLY adds to your kitchen! It’s a perfect place. It was yellin’ at you for 5 years…”give me a chalkboard..PULEEEZ put a chalkboard here!” lol It looks just great, Kelly!

  4. Judy H. says

    Your chalkboard looks like something out of Pottery Barn, or better! You guys did a fabulous, very professional job on this. Not only is this going to be amazingly useful for you and your family, but it’s also a wonderfurl piece of wall decor!

    • says

      THANKS SO MUCH, Judy! I’ll take a Pottery Barn knock-off compliment any day :) We are both so pleased as to how it turned out. Thanks again. Have a great weekend. xo, Kelly

  5. Sandra @Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls says

    Perfect!! It is a shame you waited so long, but what a treasure you have now, I love it.

  6. deana rogers says

    I have been wanting to do a chalk board in my kitchen as well. I am not sure if I have the wall space for it though. There is a place next to one of my cabinets that looks like it might have had a cork board or even a chalk board in it at one time or another. There is nothing in that space now and I had been thinking of adding one there. I did buy some the spray paint version on the intention of using it on material till I was told I could buy chalkboard material. I like the farm work you put around your chalk board it looks really good in your kitchen. I guess this year the color green is the color for the kitchens. I have green in mine as well just a shade darker than yours though. With chickens and chicks for decor and any farm type items to add to it. When I get it done I will post a pic so you can see it.

    • says

      Hi Deana! Yay, so glad to hear that you might be adding one to your space. Please do share, I’d love to see it! Thanks for stopping by. HUGS!

    • says

      Hi Emily! It really isn’t that difficult… I promise. Thanks for stopping by — and leaving some comment love. Hugs.

  7. says

    Oh my gosh Kelly!!!!! I love it! Definitely have to find a wall for that because I have always wanted one for the kids.

  8. says

    I love it! I’ve got some chalkboard spray paint and just last night told my husband we need to make a chalkboard for our grandsons so they don’t have to climb on a chair to use his small one in the pool cue/scoreboard hanger.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Debbie :)

    • says

      Thanks so much, Debbie! Be sure to share your chalkboard if you do make one :) I’d love to see the finished product. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

    • christina says

      I currently copied your instructions except I used Valspar spray paint and when i used a chalkboard marker it will not come off. What kind of chalkboard paint did you use?

      Thank you

  9. says

    This is perfect!! I was looking for a chalkboard for my kitchen but I havent found anything I liked. I LOVE this!! I am going to try to make one myself

  10. says

    We are in the process of one of these ourselves. I’ve decided to paint the entire side of our pantry because we need a lot of space to write! ha!

  11. says

    Thanks so much for posting this! I just bought a can of chalkboard paint at a yard sale this weekend and have the perfect wall for it in my kitchen. I was planning to do this before I saw your post, but now I know how to! Thanks so much!!

  12. says

    I love it! I also love your kitchen… especially the wall that the chalkboard is on. I’ve been dying to do some sort of chalk board project and you’ve made me want to even more. :)

  13. KATHY says

    I love it, I wanted to do one just like that in my kitchen. It seems like it might be heavy, how did you hang it up?
    I don’t want mine falling off the wall while I am writing on it. LOL

    • says

      Hi Kathy. Thanks so much for loving on my project :) The plywood is so thin and lightweight, so the chalkboard doesn’t weigh all that much. We hung ours with two saw tooth hangers on either side.

  14. Lizzy Jude says

    Lovelove this idea! It makes such a difference in your kitchen and is such a fun, creative, and functional way to add a statement piece to your wall.

  15. Regina says

    The chalkboard is so cute! I’m looking to make one for my kitchen. The one you created is the perfect size!

  16. says

    I love this. It would be great for the “hey we are out of milk and bread” notes that I never remember to write, then of course get back from the store without milk and bread! LOL. Great project and great price!

  17. Heather says

    I have a question, is the tacking of the plywood to the four corners holding the frame together? how did you get the frame to stay together? Liquid nails?


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