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How many of you know that I {love} felt projects?  I think there is some serious fun to be had with felt… and today I’m sharing a super fun and easy tutorial for Daffodil Felt Flowers.  Daffodils say Spring to me!  They are cheery, bright and ready to add a pop of color to your home!

I originally found this tutorial over at While She Naps, where she makes these felt daffodils using the method of sewing.  I changed a couple of things and made mine using my handy dandy glue gun. So, what do you say — shall we get started?Felt FlowersAlrighty, let’s grab a few supplies:  Felt (Yellow, Ivory, Orange or Darker Yellow, Green and Camel),  floral stem wire, round nosed pliers, green floral tape and a glue gun (not pictured).

felt daffodilsFirst things first, you’ll want to trace out your petals and center piece, then cut them out.  You could also this daffodil template.  Once you’ve prepped the felt and warmed up your glue gun, we’re ready to get this party started!

For each daffodil, you’ll need two sets of the flower petals, one of the center piece, a small square of the camel colored felt and a long thing oval leaf (all pictured above).

Place a strip of glue in the bottom center of each petal on one set of the petals.

felt flowersYou’ll then pinch the petal where the glue is.

felt daffodilsNow place the pinched petal flower piece on top of the flat flower piece.  Poke a hole through the center of both pieces of felt.  I used my seam ripper to do this {giggle};however, use whatever works for you (such as a doll needle, etc).  Take one of your floral stem wires and place through the center of both flower pieces.  Using your round nose pliers, twist the wire into a loop as pictured below.  You may or may not want to glue the petals together — if you choose to do so, glue in moderation (that’s the perfectionist in me speaking, too much glue can start to make them look a little sloppy.  hee-hee).

daffodilsWe’ll then move onto the center piece of the daffodil. Place a strip of glue along one side of the piece.   Fold in half, allowing the two ends to bond together.

diy felt flowersOnce the glue is dried and the felt has bonded to one another.  Turn the piece inside out.

DIY Felt DaffodilsEeeeeeks!  Isn’t this such fun?  I’m getting excited as we get closer to wrapping this felt flower up!

Okay, so now we’re going to slip the center piece/tube over the floral stem wire and glue to the flower piece.  The daffodil should still be able to slide up and down the floral stem at this point.  We’re gluing the pieces together, but nothing should be glued to the stem yet.

felt flowersOnce you’ve completed that, you’ll want to glue the camel color piece to the stem and the flower piece  (this represents where the bud was before the daffodil bloomed).  Using your green floral tape you’ll start to wrap the floral stem wire where the camel color piece was glued.

felt daffodilsYou’ll continue to do this, adding the green felt shaped as a leaf.  You’ll continue to wrap that into place using the floral tape as well.

diy felt flowersContinue to wrapped the length of the stem, bend the flower head over like a daffodil does and trim the stem to your desired length (if necessary).  You’re ready to arrange these beauties in a jar or vase and show off your fabulous daffodil felt flowers to your friends and family.

felt flowers and daffodilsWhat do you think?  Don’t you just {love} them!
A few of these would make a lovely “just because” gift too!

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  1. says

    We homeschool and are studying William Woordsworth’s poem Daffodils this week and I have been looking for a cute craft to go along with it. Thanks for the great tutorial. I can’t wait to see our dancing daffodils.

  2. says

    Thank you for linking up @ Craft, Create & Inspire linky party last weekend ..

    Your awesome project is featured this week!

    I would love for you to come and join us again this weekend ( this weeks party is now live )

    Claire @ Polkadot pretties

  3. Laura says

    I love this and we are doing a Daffodil Team for Relay For Life this year. Thought these would be great to make but the Template don’t work.

    • says

      Hi Laura! Thanks so much for stopping by and what a fabulous use for them. I found another template and linked to it for you. Hope that helps. HUGS!

  4. Ruth says

    Thanks for this idea. I wanted a brooch for st Davids day here in Wales. I sewed the basic shapes together without the stem and then sewed a brooch fastening on the back. Very pleased with the result.


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