DIY Paper Spider Mums

Ahh.  Spring.  Sweet Spring.
I’m so glad you’re here!

So, how about some spring inspired paper flowers?
Oh, maybe these pastel colored Paper Spider Mums.
Colorful Paper Spider Mums with livelaughrowe.comThey brighten up a room.
They kinda make me smile too.
And guess what?  They’re super easy!!

I love flowers, in general.  And you see paper flowers all over the web and some of them are simply amazing!  I’ve made patriotic paper flowers, but never tried my hand at any others — until now (and the crowds go wild.  hee-hee).  I think they turned out lovely and would make a perfect Easter or Mother’s Day bouquet.   Let’s take a look at how they came together.

supply list for paper spider mums.  paper flower tutorial
12×12 Card-stock Paper, in colors of choice
Fringe Scissors (or large cutting scissors)
Floral Wire Stems
Green Floral Tape
Glue or Hot Glue Gun

A fun paper DIY making paper spider mums wit livelaughrwoe.comStep One:
Cut your paper into strips.  I used 12×12 sheets and kept them to approximately 2-3″ wide.  You can play with the sizes to best fit what you’re looking for.  Once your strips are cut, you’ll take your fringe scissors or a large pair of scissors and cut fringes into your paper.

Step Two:
Roll your paper up to form your bud.  You can place some double sided tape inside while you roll it if you’d like to prevent it from being pulled out. I didn’t do that, but it’s something you might consider if you have little ones {wink}.

Step Three:
Once you’re done rolling up your bud, tape it closed.

Step Four:
Glue your floral wire stem into the center of your bud (at the bottom).

Step Five:
Now it’s time to wrap the bud and stem together.  Due to the diameter of the bud being much wider than the stem, you’ll want to use some tissue paper or something similar to fill in the gap a bit as you wrap it with your floral tape.  You can see a bit of the ‘stuffing’ I used in the picture above.

Step Six:
Once you’ve completely wrapped (and merged) the bud and stem together, the flower itself is officially assembled.

Step Seven:
Now you’ll want to take the paper strips of the bud and pull out and over.  I used my thumb to create a slight curve.

pull the paper out and over, allowing the paper flower to bloomBefore you know it, you’ll have a bunch of spider mums ready for display in a vase — or mason jar (of course).  I cut a couple of leaves and glued to a floral stem as well.  No one will see underneath the leaf but me, right?  Perfection isn’t necessary — they’re fun and full of flair!

bunch of paper spider mums.  lovely paper flowersWhat do you think?  They’re a happy craft, right?

Colorful DIY Paper Flowers.  Spider MumsPerfectly Colorful Spring Decor Paper Spider Mums

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  1. says

    Your spider mums are easiest paper flower I’ve seen on blog land. They look pretty quick also. Been wanting a pair of those fringe scissors, will have to see if I can find a pair anywhere. The flowers you made look really pretty, glad you shared this project, I’ve been looking for different kind of paper flower to make. Great tutorial also. Happy Spring days Kelly
    Pinning this project.

  2. nicolesamuels says

    These are adorable… and I may even be able to keep them alive! 😉 Thanks for sharing !

    • says

      Thanks so much Alyssa! I’m sure you will love having these around ALL the time! :) Mine are on my kitchen table and it’s great not to have to worry about them dying. HUGS!


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