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Today I have a special treat for all of you… Live Laugh Rowe’s featured sponsor, A Little CLAIREification is our guest today.   Do you remember Claire?  We were able to get a little better acquainted with her last month in the Featured Sponsor Love post.  If you missed it, be sure to swing by and learn some fun facts about Claire.  Today she’s sharing a fun Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art tutorial with all of you. If you’re looking for some inexpensive wall art — well, you’ve come to the right place!  Enjoy.

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #ArtHi there! It’s me Claire and I blog over at A Little CLAIREification. I love being over here at Kelly’s sweet place and I am excited to share some {crazy} fun Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art today! I love easy and budget-friendly ideas and this one certainly is just that!

First, I took my little stash {that I had to hide so The Husband wouldn’t pitch it!} of toilet paper rolls (and a few paper towels rolls too)…

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #Artand I flattened each one to make them easier to cut.

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #ArtI measured out the rolls in one inch increments and marked with a sharpie:

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #ArtOnce all of the pieces were cut I had two piles of about 30 each.

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #ArtI decided to use green and ivory spray paint that I already had on hand. I laid out the first 30 pieces on some newspaper (and prayed for no strong winds!).

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #ArtI painted one set green, letting each side dry for a good hour between painting the second side to make sure they were no longer tacky (and who wants to be “tacky” when making wall art out of toilet paper rolls?? Certainly not me! Tee hee). Spray paint on cardboard does take longer to dry than on wood, etc. so it’s important to let it dry completely.

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #ArtNext I painted the second set of pieces ivory. The good thing is that between painting the two sides, the inside also got covered which is exactly what I wanted so make sure you coat thoroughly! Once all of the pieces were completely dry I laid out a pattern that I wanted. This is the fun part because you can do anything you want!

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #ArtOnce laid out, I began the process of tacking them all together using hot glue. After looking around at the (GAZILLION) toilet paper roll crafts on Pinterest I noticed some people use Mod Podge but I used hot glue for this project. Maybe I’ll go back and Mod Podge over it all for added adhesiveness.

I placed a few dots of hot glue at each connection of the pieces. In the end, I used all 30 green pieces but I didn’t end up using too many of the ivory pieces, so you can make as many of each as you like depending on how big you want your final piece to be.

Once it was all together, here’s what it looked like!

Toilet Paper Roll Art w/ #crafts #DIY #ArtCuteness!! I am sure the Museum of Modern {toilet paper} Art will be calling me any minute now! 😉 You could even make several long pieces and could hang across the top of a wall almost like a border. Endless ideas!

Hope you enjoyed this fun, little project and that you will stop over soon and say hello! You can find out more about me HERE.

Thanks for being with us today, Claire!!
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    Hey There! I am currently working on a toilet paper roll project myself I cant wait to get it finished so I can see how it turns out. Yours is Gorg! I love it.

  2. says

    I really love this idea. It would be something great to do with the grandkids as well as therapeutic for me. LOL Thanks so much for your ideas.


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