Tips for Ironing with T-Fal

Laundry is not one of my favorite chores!  Sometimes it gets done but sits patiently, waiting to be folded and the wrinkles set it. Sending it off to the cleaners just isn’t something I want to do, and the cost can add up super fast.  Soooo, a good, quality iron is a must have.  Right?  Well, I decided it was time to get a new iron!  YAY!!  Mine was soooo old and seemed a little unpredictable.  I got the new T-fal’s Prima Steam Iron and thought it might be a great time to share some great tips for ironing with you.  We can all improve our ironing skills, right? Maybe share some of these with the hubs! {giggle}.  However, I’m blessed because my husband does all his own ironing.

Let me first say that this iron has been a lifesaver! It gets rid of wrinkles quickly and easily without the hassle of a cord getting in the way!  I love how quick and easy the wrinkles disappeared and how it can also be used for vertical steaming hanging garments, drapes and more! I not only iron clothes, but lots of fabric for my shop as well.  The self-cleaning system with an anti-scale valve to prevent mineral buildup is a perk too, since we have hard water!

Here are 5 Tips for Ironing, courtesy of T-fal Linen Care:

Tips for Ironing with T-Fal at

  1. Make sure to sort out the laundry accordingly – read the labels carefully so that you can easily work up from the coolest to the hottest temperature and avoid ruining a garment.
  2. Ironing will be easier and faster if the items are not too dry. If they are, lightly spray with water ten minutes before ironing.
  3. Test whether your water is hard by putting a spoonful of soap flakes into a bowl with two cups of water and mix vigorously. If bubbles appear that means your water is soft.  Here’s a fun fact for all of you: T-fal steam irons and stations are specially designed to use tap water- their construction resists scale, whatever the water hardness.
  4. When ironing delicate or dark items, place a clean towel or press cloth between fabric and iron. For black dresses or trousers, use the steam setting with the iron touching the fabric.
  5. If you are unsure about ironing a particular item, test a hidden part of the fabric with the tip of your iron.

Happy Ironing… let’s put these tips to work!
Let the good times roll! {wink}

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I was provided a complimentary iron for review by T-fal.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Trish Butler says

    I am the only person that I know who owns an iron. Yes there is one. My mother in law, but shes 89 years old. I iron everything. My kids will call and when they know I’m ironing, they say it must be Tuesday. Thanks for the smile.

    • says

      Hi Trish! I can’t imagine not having an iron around the house, but I guess some things have changed… I remember helping my mom iron growing up. Bitter sweet memories (hee-hee). Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs!

  2. JaneEllen says

    Great ironing tips even if I don’t have a fancy iron. The cord is a pain isn’t it on a regular hohum iron? I iron the fabric I’m using to make things but not much else anymore.
    I come from a crazy iron everything generation. I learned how to iron my Dad’s undershorts with the funny bulky butt, what a nightmare those things were. I ironed his hankies also. My Mother ironed his work shirts as he worked in a bank. When I got older I had the “pleasure” of ironing his work shirts. Believe me that’s the hard way to learn but learn well I did.
    I was a teenager thru the big petticoats and gathered skirts era, another nightmare. This was in Tucson, AZ so it was really hot standing ironing for hours. Sometimes I’d go out on the back porch with a fan to iron. Had to watch my petticoats so I could get them down off line to iron after I starched them. Such fun. I notice those big petticoats haven’t been brought back into style.
    Now instead of ironing I hang most of my clothes out on clothes line and the hurricane winds out here (18 miles west of Grand Junction, CO) get the wrinkles out of anything if it can stay on the line long enuf to get dry. I hang things on hangers and have to watch or they’re down the road somewhere, we live on top of hill and boy does it blow most of the time. Usually by the time I get the sheets hung they’re dry in summer, sheets feel and smell wonderful. Happy Summer

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