Mini Cornucopia Favors

A few weeks ago while surfing the web, I happened to find more fabulous inspiration from Martha Stewart. Who doesn’t love cornucopias — so how about mini cornucopia favors?  I thought these would make the perfect Thanksgiving favor — or a perfect additional to any of your upcoming fall festivities!

Mini Cornucopias with livelaughrowe.comAren’t they fabulous?
Let’s take a look at how you can pull this craft together.

Mini Cornucopia Fall Favors with livelaughrowe.comLet’s grab a few Supplies:
Paper or EasyLiner of choice,
(I purchased my Easy Liner at the Container Store)
Scissors, blade, healing mat, and ruler.
Ribbon and Glue/Glue Gun

Mini Cornucopias Supplies with livelaughrowe.comThe first thing you’ll want to do is cut a template.  You can do this with an X-ACTO knife and cutting mat or scissors.  Obviously if you use a blade and ruler, your lines will most likely be a little cleaner/straighter.  Totally up to you.  Take an 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and cut it to 7-1/4″ wide by 5-1/4″ high.  You’ll then want to cut off the corners at an approximate 45 degree angle.  The template will look something like as pictured.

You’ll then want to trace that onto your paper and/or EasyLiner  of choice.   Cut them out and roll the surface into a cone shape.

Trace and Cut the CornucopiasOnce you’ve rolled each of them into the shapes of the cones, use a fast drying glue or a dot of hot glue to hold them in place and tie a ribbon around it and knot.  Line with decorative tissue paper if you’d like — and your done!

A fun, festive favor that you can fill with nuts or other goodies of choice.

Mini Cornucopias as Fall Favors with livelaughrowe.comMini Cornucopias as Fall Favors with livelaughrowe.comWhat do you think?  I {love} them!
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Happy Crafting!

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