Homemade Vanilla Printable Labels

With Christmas quickly approaching —it’s always fun to decide on whether you might make some homemade gifts.  Tidy Mom decided to share with her readers how to make Homemade Vanilla (a fabulous gift idea for the bakers in your family).  She asked if I would design the labels for the bottles and gave me a couple to use for pictures.  I went to work and bounced ideas off my sister, as she is much more experienced than myself in Photoshop.  I have to admit that I was tickled silly as to how well the labels complimented the bottles Cheryl used.  They look fantastic! And, well,  the vanilla is fantastic too…

Homemade Vanilla Printable with LiveLaughRowe.comMaking your own vanilla couldn’t be easier and it is far more economical than buying the store bought variety.  By making your own vanilla extract, you can also try different beans.  Beanilla sells bottles and 7 different variety of vanilla beans, each of which has a unique flavor!  Using premium grade vanilla beans will provide significantly better flavor and aroma than commercially produced extracts.

Once you’ve made the Homemade Vanilla with Cheryl,
you’ll want to grab the following supplies:
Full Sheet Shipping Label(s), Printer and Scissors.
You could also use white paper and double sided tape.

The labels measure approximately 2×3 each.  Be sure that they will fit your bottles.
I printed on the full sheet shipping label and cut each of them by hand.
Now, it’s your turn! Click on the image below to print a sheet of 9 vanilla labels.

Now it’s time to start gifting and/or baking!

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  1. Jessica says

    What fun to show my girls how their favorite extract is made…and such pretty labels. Love ti!

  2. Deborah Miller says

    I have made vanilla with supermarket vanilla beans but I want to try something different. These beans sound wonderful!

  3. Wendy says

    I love anything made with vanilla. Sometimes I leave a bottle out on the kitchen counter so I can open it and catch the aroma on a whim.

  4. says

    How fantastic is this give away! Thank you so much for the printable and the chance to win. Just found you today thru BNOTP.

  5. says

    Gorgeous labels plus I love the idea of making your own extract. I love making these shortbread cookies that need a lot of vanilla. I bet this would make them even more delicious!

  6. Terry Kessinger says

    I made my own vanilla for the first time last year, and I’ll never ‘go back’ to purchased vanilla! I hope to win this wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  7. says

    I always add vanilla to our french toast… my favorite treat to use it in is probably chocolate chip cookies :) We just ran out of our huge bottle of Vanilla from Mexico {guess it is time for another trip!}. I would love to try to make my own now!

  8. Lisa says

    This was exactly what I was planning on makking for Christmas … what a present itself to find your labels! Thank you :)

  9. Shelley C says

    I like to add a dash of vanilla to our french toast wash and I use it in my favorite pecan pie recipe!

  10. Jennifer Wilborn says

    I have to have a high quality vanilla extract for my snickerdoodle recipe – LOVE to make my own

  11. says

    I’ve been using Mexican vanilla for several years now but have been wanting to make my own and then give some as gifts for Christmas but hadn’t gotten around to ordering any vanilla beans yet. Maybe now’s my chance!

  12. says

    Thanks for the labels. I have vanilla extract “brewing” right now, which i started last month. These are perfect!

  13. PeggyAnn says

    I love the recipie for homemade vanilla extract. And what a clever and unusual gift. I would be thrilled to win the vanilla beans and jars. Thank you for offering it.

  14. Jackie says

    Hi Kelly

    I just brought the Avery 8165 Labels, after I print out the vanilla extract labels and cut them do I use tape to tape it to the bottles.

    • says

      Hi Jackie! They should be stickers, so all you need to do is pull off the back and apply to your bottle. Let me know if you have any other questions :) Cheers!

  15. vicki says

    just found your website and I have to say I’m feeling quite inspired. that is no small feat. i lost my husband a year ago and have not been dealing that well in general. this might be just what i need. i love to bake and vanilla is so expensive. thank you.

  16. Deebi27 says

    Ommgee! Thanks so much for these great looking labels…even though they were offer a year ago. On my list of gifts to make for those I love!!!


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