{DIY} Vintage Scrap Fabric and Twine Banner

I’ve been seeing the Scrap Fabric Banners a lot lately on Pinterest and Etsy.  Some are longer, some are shorter — but they’re all so stinkin’ cute!  Look at this one pictured in Sunshine and Carousels studio {super cute blog by the way, you really should go take a peek}.


My sister (as many of you already know) is a photographer, so I’m often challenged to make some cute photo props for her that I, in turn, will add to my shop.  If I had a little princess, a few of these would be hanging in her sweet pink room {smile}.

I am absolutely in {love} with these sweet floral fabrics, they remind me of Laura Ashley designs.  Aren’t they sweet, with a vintage twist?  Anywho, here is my latest and greatest {DIY} project  — aka a Photo Prop.

It’s time to gather a few Supplies:
Fabrics of Choice, Lace or Ribbon, Twine, Fabric Scissors and Pinking ShearsSupplies for Scrap Fabric Banner with livelaughrowe.comI wanted to go with a shorter length than most of the ones you see, so I cut several strips of fabric/lace at 7″to 8″ in length and about 1/2″ in width.  For a three foot banner, you’ll use approximately 75-80 strips of fabric/lace/etc.  I cut some of my fabrics with the basic fabric scissors and others with the pinking shears to offer some variation and cuteness.  I also cut 6-8 strands of twine that I wanted to add to the banner as well.  I like to roll the fabric around in my hand a little so that it’s wrinkled and frayed.  It adds the vintage touch.

Scraps for Scrap Fabric BannerI used the twine for making the banner and had planned to make a three foot banner, so I measured out  three feet of twine –and– added an extra foot of twine to either side of the banner for hanging and flexibility.  I then measured one foot in from either end and tied a loose knot so I knew where I would be tying my fabric scraps.  I then tacked the twine to a wall (my work room closet since a couple of tac holes won’t matter).  I then started to tie my strands in no particular order to the twine.  I didn’t knot or loop my fabric, I just tied it around the twine.  Within no time,  I had created this beauty.

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  1. Cameron Meerdink says

    Beautiful – and what a fun way to use up fabric! I pinned it for future reference!

  2. Marilyn says

    Sooo amazingly awesome.. I featured YOU today via Pin'Inspirational Thursday.. THANKS SOOO MUCH for sharing these last week.. :)) Hope you can stop in and snag a fun button.. Wishing you an amazing day.. xo~Marilyn…

  3. Val in the Rose Garden says

    That is so fun! I am sure I have enough to make one and revamp my mantle with it. Thanks!




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