DIY Felt Mitten Garland

I have a {love} for felt projects as you can see on My Projects page.
There’s a lot of fun to be had with felt, ya know?

I got to thinking, what if I combine my love for felt and my love for garland during the holidays? Oh. My. Goodness! Today for the 10th day in my 12 Days of Holiday Fun series, I’ll be sharing a Felt Mitten Garland project.  You can personalize this project till your hearts content with color, embellishments and the list goes on.

To get this project started, let’s grab a few supplies:  Felt, Twine, Scissors and Cardboard.  Not Pictured:  Yarn Needle and Fabric.

First things first, print and cut this mitten template.

Trace and cut the number of mittens you’ll be using out of the cardboard and the felt.  I used four sets of mittens for a six foot strand of garland — so eight total mittens.

You’ll then want to glue the felt mitten to the cardboard.  Trim as necessary.  Flip the mitten over and apply two dots of glue where you will attach a square of felt so that you can string the mittens onto the garland.


I used this same stringing technique on my Halloween Garland, so if you need clarification on how to string, click over {here}.  At this point, feel free to embelish your mittens with strips of felt, hearts, or whatever crafty goodness that you might have on-hand.  String them to your twine or yarn using a yarn needle and you’re ready to hang some garland.   I also embellished my garland by adding some strips of fabric and snippets of unraveled twine in between the mittens — I think it added a little extra fun and charm!

Hang alone or in front of some pine garland.  Voila!

What do you think?
It’s pretty stinkin’ adorable, right?
Happy Crafting -and- Decorating!!

I’ll be partying {here and here}.
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      YAY!! Thanks so much for loving on my mitten garland, Jaimee :) So sorry for such a late reply… I’m playing a little catch up. Trust you’re well, friend. HUGS!


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