DIY Fabric Flowers

I love flowers.
Paper Flowers.
Fresh Flowers.
Fabric Flowers.

You name a flower and I’ll love it {smile}. While fresh flowers are by far my favorite, it’s kind of nice to have some flowers around the house that never die too. That’s where today’s project comes in — DIY Fabric Flowers.

Lovely DIY fabulous flowers!  Make a bouquet to display in your home -- and they never die!  Tutorial at livelaughrowe.comMy fabric flowers have made several appearances on the blog over the last couple of years and I’ve received many e-mails about selling them in my shop, etc.  You can see them in my 2012 Easter Tablescape and my 2014 Summer Home Tour.  I decided to share the ever-so-easy tutorial with all of you.  I love these silly fabric flowers.  While they may be easy and imperfect, they do display lovely in my home.  They also make fabulous gifts and conversation pieces {wink}.

Supplies for Fabric Flowers:

Fabric or Fabric Squares
Green Floral Wire Stems
Pinking Scissors
Wire Cutters
Round Nosed Pliers

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you’re ready to go!

Step One.  Cut your fabric into 5″ squares (using standard scissors is fine, the pinking scissors are not necessary for this step).  Hint: 5″ Quilt Squares work PERFECTLY for these.

Step Two and Three.  Fold your square in half, then into quarters.

DIY Fabric FlowersStep Four:  Fold your fabric in half again making a triangle.

Step Five:  Use your pinking shears to cut a rounded “V” shape from the non-pointy end of the triangle.  Be sure none of the folds are being cut or the shape will not turn out.

Step Six:  Fabric will look a little bit like an ice cream cone.

Assembling the fabric flowersStep Seven:  Unfold your fabric.  It should be shaped like a flower (see picture #7).

Step Eight:  Grab your fabric (design side up, as pictured) in the center and bunch it up.

Step Nine:  Wrap wire around the fabric using round nosed pliers and your done!

Wrap wire around the gathered fabric to create stem.I have approximately 18 in my bouquet.  Having wired stems lets you arrange and trim as necessary.  The green floral stems also give them a more realistic stem too.

I love the versatility of these and you can mix and match fabrics.  I use a few solid colors to balance out all of the fun patterns.

DIY Fabric FlowersLovely DIY fabulous flowers!  Make a bouquet to display in your home -- and they never die!  Tutorial at livelaughrowe.comWhat do you think?  Pretty fabulous, right?!?
What is your favorite kind of flower?

Fabulous DIY Fabric Flowers with

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  1. Janet says

    Super cute! My favorite flowers are daisies. All colors and shapes :) Queen Anne’s Lace is also beautiful!

  2. Sharon Kuert aka Mom says

    Really cute idea for the seasons! They will look good on some of my little tables. Thanks Kelly!

  3. Kerry says

    I love daisies – all colors! And peonies – the frills and pretty pastels : )
    Great tutorial. Thanks, Kelly!

  4. JaneEllen says

    Your little flowers are so darned cute Kelly. Love fabric you used to make yours. I’ll be in there digging in my fabric soon to find some perfect pieces for these flowers. I’ve been wanting a simple project to do. Have been in slump for weeks now but think this will help me get back to it. Yours look so pretty in that jar.
    Shucks Jo-Ann’s had some really pretty little quilt squares on sale last week, wish I’d known about this project, would have gotten more. Ah well will watch to see if they have them on sale again. How many do you have in your jar. What brand jar is that? I have several clear jars I dyed last year the pretty blue so can use them for these flowers. Poor jars have been languishing in box, time to put them to work.
    Happy week love your project.

    • says

      Hi JaneEllen! I wish I had more of this fabric — it’s so darn cute! Bummer that you didn’t buy more of the quilt squares at Jo-Ann’s, guess you’ll have to make another trip {hee-hee}.

      My jar is from Consumer Crafts,

      Have a lovely week, friend. Hugs!

  5. says

    so pretty!! I can’t wait to try this!! I’ve pinned it to make soon. You fabric is so pretty!!! pinned it! thanks for linking up to the create link inspire party!


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