DIY Dog Steps

Happy Friday, friends!!  I am so super excited to team up with Dremel today to share a project for their “Love Your Pet Month” here and over on  The hubby and I decided to build a set of DIY Dog Steps for our Parker.  His knees are a little temperamental, so we thought we might help him out a bit by giving him these every so cute stairs to get on and off the sofa in style {wink}.

Pamper your furry friend with these DIY Dog StepsSupply List for DIY Dog Steps:
2          1 x 6 x 13 for bottom left and bottom right stringers
2          1 x 6 x 6-1/2 for the top left and top right stringers
2          1 x 6 x 11-1/2 for the bottom closed riser and the base brace
1          1 x 7 x 11-1/2 for the top closed riser (or a 1 x 6 x 11-1/2 would work as well)
2          1 x 8 x 15 for the steps
      Wood Screws
4         8 x 1 Pocket Screws
Dremel Saw Max
Wood Glue
Wood Filler
Primer and Paint

Step One:
Cut all of your wood to size using Dremel Saw Max.

Step One.  Dog Steps with DremelStep Two:
Drill pocket holes using Kreg into top stringers and attach to bottom stringers using pocket screws (see diagram step 1)

Step Two. DIY Dog StairsHere’s a sketch to assist with a visual for Steps 4-6.
DIY Dog Steps Instructions

Step Three:
Attach the bottom front closed riser to the stringers (see diagram step 2).

Step Three_Dog Steps with DremelStep Four:
Attach the back brace to the stingers (see diagram step 2).

Step Four. Dog Stairs using Dremel Saw MaxoStep Five:
Attach the top front closed riser to the stringers (see diagram step 2). While this riser was built using a piece of 1 x 10 trimmed to 1 x 7 to have it sit below the bottom step, an alternative would be to use a 1 x 6 to have it sit flush with the step.Step Five. Attaching Second Closed Riser to Stringer. Wood Dog StepsStep Five.  Attaching riser to stringer. DIY Wood Dog Stairs

Step Six:
Attach steps (see diagram step 3).

Final Step.  Attaching the stepsCongratulations!  Your steps are officially done — well, the unfinished version anyway!

Wooden DIY Dog Steps with Dremel for Live Laugh RoweYou’re now ready to fill your holes with wood putty, sand, prime and paint.

Completed Dog StepsAfter priming, I used a khaki color paint to keep the dog steps a neutral color.  They turned out great and we couldn’t be more excited to have something to ease the stress on our Parker’s little knees.  (Note: this stool was made to fit the height of our sofa from floor to cushion, which is approximately 17″.  The height of the stairs is 12″).

Parker Posey and his new wooden pet stepsGood news!  Parker has since had a groom… he looks so fluffy here.  I love this little guy!

DIY Wood Dog Steps for your furry friendsI hope you find these helpful if you’re in need of building your own dog steps.  It was a fun project that will be useful for years to come.   Happy creating, sweet friends!  And a warm thanks to Dremel for allowing us to share such a fun pet friendly project.

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This post is sponsored by Dremel.  All opinions are mine.  I love using Dremel products!

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Your little Parker is so cute, all nice and fluffy after his grooming. Our cocker loved to get groomed, wanted to be told she looked very pretty in her little scarf she’d get. What a character she was. How old is your dog and what breed is he?
    Great project/tutorial. These would have been really handy for our previous dog, she was having hard time getting on/off couch and bed. She had some health concerns, autoimmune system wrinkles, so it had gotten harder for her along with arthritis/weighing too much to get up on furniture. She was a miniature black cocker which we had til she was 14 yrs. and 2 months old. We got her when she was 4 months old. Some steps like yours would have made it so much easier for all of us to get her up and down, Pinning this post.

  2. says

    Kelly, this is great! Husband just got his workshop together. We have a small dog and a Boxer with arthritis. It has been harder for her to get up and down as time goes on. I think this is going to be a great alternative to those exspensive pet shop steps!

  3. says

    Kelly, what a great and detailed explanation! Our poor puppy is getting old and has a hard time these will be perfect for her! Thanks for linking them up at Cook it! Craft it! Share it!

  4. says

    Nice! Maybe I missed something but I don’t see anything in the parts list about the 2 stairs that are needed. How long and wide is each of the 2 stairs shown in diagram 3?

    • says

      Hi there! Great catch… we somehow left off the measurements for the steps. You’ll need two 1 x 8 x 15 for the steps. Thanks so much for stopping by! Cheers.


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