Birthday Cruise to Bermuda

Sooo, better late than never, right?
Things have been insanely busy around here.
However, I finally decided to sit down and
pull some pictures together to share with all of you
my birthday cruise to Bermuda.  Woo-Hoo!

Birthday Cruise to BermudaWARNING:  This is a lengthy post due to lots of pictures.
If you make it to the end — you get a cookie! 

This was my very first cruise and it was to celebrate
turning the big 4-0.  A girls only trip with my mom and sister.
Here we are right before boarding — we were giddy!

Boarding the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Sea headed to BermudaI’m going to be honest.  I have a gazillion pictures, so
it was impossible to pick and choose.  I tried to pick the
ones that will give you a sneak peek into our 5 days at sea.

This was our boat.  Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Sea.

Royal Caribbean Explorer of the SeaAnd this was our cabin on Deck 8, Room 8268.

Our Cabin on Explorer of the SeasI volunteered to take the pull out bed; however, I had
no idea it was a ‘pull out’ from the ceiling.  Hello bunk bed!

Me being a goof!It wasn’t ideal, but I made it work… by being a dork, of course!


While at sea, we enjoyed catching some rays during the day…

Soaking up the sun on Explorer of the SeaAnd some great entertainment at night!
The ice show was AWESOME-sauce.  The late night
entertainment in the promenade was ‘hot-hot-hot.’ {giggle}
Lots of fun dancing and singing along with the crew to the ‘Y-M-C-A.’

Incredible Entertainment on the Explorer of the SeaKristine and I in one of the theatres on the boatThe theaters were so large too (as you can see above).
Cruise ships are truly amazing to me.  Big.  Heavy.  Floating.


Anywho, I absolutely loved our dining experience!
We had fantastic wait staff and an ocean view.
The Captain’s Dinner was pretty neat as he recognized
the kitchen and wait staff… they sang too!

Captains Dinner on Explorer of the SeasIt was fun getting all dressed up each night too!
Not the ordinary for this yoga pant home-girl….

Formal Dinner Night on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the SeaMe, Mom and Kristine Bermuda Cruise 2014We enjoyed the incredible views of the ocean blue too!

gorgeous view from the cruise boatThen we ported in Kings Wharf, Bermuda.

Royal Navy Dockyard_Kings Wharf in Bermuda Kings Wharf aka Royal Navy Dockyard in BermudaWe were in Bermuda for two days.
Day One:  Horseshoe Bay

Beautiful Horseshoe Bay in BermudaHorseshoe Bay in BermudaIt was a perfect day too!  We enjoyed every minute…
and wished we could’ve stayed longer.
Unfortunate memories were made here too,
this is where I dropped my Fuji Instax into the ocean.
Yep, just call me butterfingers {hee-hee}.

Day Two:  Shopping in Hamilton
Another perfect day on the island.  We took the ferry over,
did a little shopping and grabbed a bite to eat.

Shopping Day in HamiltonMom and Kelly in Hamilton It was  a lovely day that ended at the spa! Pure bliss.
Then we were back to sea and entering the belly flop competition.

Belly Flop Contest drew a crowd for sure!HA HA.  Just Kidding!
The competition sure did draw a crowd though.


We hung out at the Cafe Promenade every now and again.
Free coffee and food 24 hours a day… Starbucks was here too!

Cafe Promenade.  Free food 24 hours a dayPlus it happened to be a hotspot
if you bought the over-priced wi-fi.

iPhone Addicts#guiltyascharged — can you tell we’re twins?

If you made it to the end, you’re my superhero!
Be sure to treat yourself to a cookie.  You totally deserve it!

It was a fabulous trip!
Thanks for letting me share.

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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing! I got a good giggle out of this ~ pictures of beach were amazing but the candid shots of you were super cute! Happy 40!

  2. Beth says

    Thanks so much for sharing! It looks like you had a nice and relaxing time! I need to put this on my bucket list!

  3. Kristine says

    It was a GREAT trip sis! So glad we did it….we sure know how to take the good with the bad and make the best of EVERYTHING. A wonderful summary of a memory filled trip. 43.

  4. Sharon Kuert says

    OMG!! Memories how they linger on our minds but these pics really brought back memories of a wonderful time with my beautiful daughters. What Kris said was true about the good with the bad BUT the good outweighs the bad. It was a great cruise (wish it could have been a little longer) and gorgeous weather on a gorgeous island. BTW would love to have some of those pics.

    Thanks for the tour! I needed that. :) Momma

  5. Crystal says

    Love the pics!! What a fun cruise!! You were brave to sleep on the the bed that pulled out from the ceiling.

    • says

      Thanks Crystal! Trust me…I know on being brave to sleep on the bunk bed. lol. It all worked out though and added to a memorable part of the trip as well. :) xo.

  6. JaneEllen says

    Was that bunk comfy? Did you feel silly climbing up into that bed? Wouldn’t work for me, when I gotta go, it’s that second. no waiting, lol Was so glad to see photos of your cruise. Did you get sea sick at all? Don’t know if I could handle that part either. So beautiful there, how I’d love for hubs/I to get to do something like that before we’re too old to walk around and enjoy it. Bucket list here we are. Glad you had great time, looks like there’s lots to do, lots of sunshine, better bring really good sunscreen. You’ll remember that b/d for rest of your life, very memorable. Happy summer days

    • says

      The bunk bed wasn’t too bad really. It was a little weird climbing up into though. lol. I didn’t get sea sick at grateful for that! :) I’m sure you and your husband would love it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. HUGS!

    • says

      It was so fun being able to go with my mom and sister…a “girls” vacation! :) The color of the ocean was amazing! It’s even better in person! Enjoy your day! xo.

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