We Got a Fence!

We got a FENCE!!
It’s the little things in life, folks {big cheesy grin}.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I have two of the cutest dogs known to man!!

Parker (aka Parker Posey) and Buster (aka Buster Brown)
Being that I don’t have children, they are my pride and joy!
Soooo, it was very hard to keep putting these zap collars (see below) on them!
Yep, we had an electric fence.  However, our dogs started to outsmart us.
They knew if the collars weren’t on, they could leave the yard.  Booo!

These collars became a blessing and a curse four years ago!  They kept the dogs in the yard and prevented them from running outside our property.  However, when they hit the line of fire — the yelps were heart wrenching.  So, we slowly began to stop putting the collars on them.  Our dogs were way too smart for us {giggle}.  They quickly learned the difference between the collars being on or off.  Basically, it came down to 100% Dog Watch when we let them out to bask in the sun or go out to potty.  Someone always had to be attentive to where they were and if a human and/or dog was passing by.   What would it be like to sit on our deck without fear that something or someone would provoke them to run -or- without having to put up a baby gate so they couldn’t leave the deck.  Seriously!  My hubby and I began to wonder what it would be like to get up in the morning and head downstairs to grab a cup of coffee in our Pj’s.  We had to get up and be fully dressed, ready to run out and mediate a potential bark fest, apologize to a neighbor or walker/runner, etc.  It got to be a little frustrating and overwhelming at times.  We finally said, ‘ENOUGH’ and bought ourselves a fence.  A glorious fence.  No more dogs entering the yard uninvited, no more chasing our dogs when they left the yard, or neighbors strolling through the yard as if it were common ground.  I can let the dogs out and wash dishes or go grab the mail.   Holla!  The word excitement can’t possibly communicate the emotion that came with the installation of a fence.

Here are some pictures of the exciting two day adventure:

Silly, I know.  However, this fence has revolutionized our freedom.  HA!  If you’re local and in need of a reliable company to work with, be sure to check out Quality Fence and Deck Company!  These guys, Don and Bob, were fabulous to work with, didn’t mind an audience at times or our little ankle biters joining in on the fencing fun.  Exciting times around the Rowe household.  For sure!

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  1. says

    It looks fantastic! My parents dogs are the same way with knowing whether the collars are on…dogs are too funny! Megan

  2. says

    I LOOOOVE IT!!! Kelly it looks so great. I bet you’re really loving it come morning when you can stumble downstairs, just throw open the back door and tell the pups to have at it!

  3. says

    I don’t know what I’d love more: being able to just let the dogs out the back door, or preventing the community stroll through the yard like it’s property for all! 😀

  4. says

    Oh I can relate! We have an invisible fence and my dog has been trained on it for about 9 months. Before that he would run to the street to chase any dog, squirrel, or person that walked by. He’s only been “zapped” about three times for getting too close the the boundary but it has definitely been heart wrenching each and every time. I tend to keep the collar on him all day except for at night when he’s sleeping. I’m hoping he doesn’t smarten up to the “no collar” thing. But, your new fence is beautiful! I would love to have something like that some day.

  5. says

    I bet your babies just love their new freedom to run and play without getting into trouble:) Our sweeties have 10 acres to run in but still we have to have a great fence to protect them. I guess that’s true with all of us, pushing our boundaries:)

  6. says

    That fence is gorgeous and your pups are just so cute and adorable!)!!
    We had fence issues when we got our german shepherd a few years ago….he was a smart pup and figured out ways to poke his head through the fence and get out!! But we soon changed it and now he doesn’t go near the fence….hopefully he has realised defeat!!!

  7. says

    so jealous! a fence is on our new house list! In fact we bought everything to do it, and it is buried in the garage…. for now. But you are giving me the motivation and push to keep looking forward to it! :) Yayyyy for you!

  8. terri forkey schultz says

    kel darling the fench looks wonderful!! its nice now to be able to let your babies out without any worries!!! great job in picking the black! love love love it!!!

    aunt terri

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