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I am so stinking excited to share this fun sweet craft with you today!  No Bake Cupcakes is what I like to call them {giggle}.  I saw these in a magazine recently and just knew that I had to share them with you.  They are so easy and would be a fabulous activity for the kiddos too!  Better yet, mommy can make the cupcakes and the kiddos can decorate them.  Win-win!

Fun and Sweet Craft No Bake CupcakesLet’s grab a few supplies and get crafting! For this project I used bakers twine, styrofoam balls (mine were @3″), solid color cupcakes  liners (store bought or cut outs), Fabri-Tac glue and embellishments (beads, toothpicks, washi tape, pins, brads, glitter, buttons, ribbon, etc).

First things first, we need to cut the styrofoam balls in half.  I used the knife that I got along a few other foam tools from FloraCraft at SNAP!

cut foam ball in halfOnce you’ve cut the styrofoam ball in half, you’ll place a small dot of glue at your starting point and begin wrapping the baker’s twine around the styrofoam half circle.  I glued a small starter piece onto the flat side too (that’s optional).

start to apply twine to foamAnd you’ll just continue to spread some glue, wrap the bakers twine, spread some more glue and keep wrapping.

continue to wrap bakers twine around foam half circleBefore you know it, you’ll be done!  I think it took about 15 minutes.  It honestly depends on how particular you are.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty particular {hee-hee}.

complete wrapping the bakers twineMake them in a variety of flavors colors and decorating them has so many fun possibilities!  There you have a sweet craft, with no baking required!  What do you think?

A Super Sweet Craft with livelaughrowe.comA Sweet Craft, No Bake Cupcakes with live laughrowe.comIf you like this craft tutorial, you might want to visit my craft gallery!
Thanks so much for visiting with me.  Happy Crafting!

I’ll be partying {here and here}.
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  1. JDzJane says

    Cute craft – super easy, quick, and cute – what more could you ask for. Where did you get the green stand? I love it!!


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