Paper Mache Letter {Winthrop Chronicles}

Hello! I’m Sarah and I blog over at The Winthrop Chronicles. I am so thrilled to be here at Live Laugh Rowe! I stay at home with my three little ones and love to fit crafting and decorating in to any spare time that I have. Today I want to share with you a super easy transformation of a paper mache letter.
I bought the letter at Hobby Lobby and wanted to make it look a little like tin, I had thought of covering it with actual tin and thought this would be way easier… which it was. I bought some silver spray paint, painted the paper mache letter.
Then wiped some brown shoe polish on it. 
And maybe it doesn’t look exactly like tin, but I still like how it turned out :)
What do you think about my paper mache letter?
So come stop by my blog and say hi sometime!
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