Happy 4th & Hubby’s B-day

Today is a big day around the Rowe house!  We not only celebrate the 4th of July — but we also celebrate my hubby’s birthday.  What’s funny to me is that he’s Canadian, so the Independence Day part of July 4th doesn’t mean fireworks to him.  Instead, it means a cake lemon meringue pie, cards and gifts to celebrate him!  Quite a sweet deal, eh?   Does he expect a celebration?  No way. No how.  My hubs is so easy going and laid back, it kinda puts me to shame.  BUT, that’s also what I {love} about him.  Anywho, this post serves two purposes….

To wish my American readers a super duper, fun-filled 4th of July.
Eat. Drink and Make Memories!

To wish my handsome hubby a very special Happy Birthday.s

Of course the hubby is going to get a little more loving.   Duh! {giggle}  I just want to say how blessed I truly am to have this incredible man in my life.  He is humble, gentle, kind, loves the Lord, a wonderful provider, and my biggest cheerleader!  He supports my bloggy dreams and believes in my abilities.  That is so huge to me.  Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are, SMR!!  I love you so very much — more than you’ll ever know.  Here’s to your special day and many more to come.  Hugs. Kisses.  And more hugs and kisses. Enjoy pie. Take it easy. Let’s celebrate YOU!

Make it a GREAT day and hugs all around!
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  1. says

    Happy celebrating to both of you. My husband would LOVE to have a lemon pie of any variety on his plate every.single. day. Make it a special one, Kelly and enjoy your man!

    • says

      Thanks, Jelli! It must be a guy thing and lemon meringue pie, LOL. Have a fabulous day — will you be celebrating the 4th? Be blessed!

    • says

      HAPPY JULY 4th, Dana!!! I’ll be sure to pass on the b-day wishes to my hubby too. You need to meet him and my furry friends :)

    • says

      Thanks so much, Kimberly! I know, we kiddingly say he gets quite a national celebration each year. Hope you’re having a fabulous day. HUGS!

  2. Mom Grant says

    Hi Kelly

    I am so blessed that my boy has found such a treasure in you and that you appreciate the uniqueness that is Stephen. He was a joy from the day God blessed us with him. Hope you two have a wonderful day and I am so pleased that the USA puts on such a great show for my son’s Birthday. God Bless!

    • says

      Hi Jeannette! What a pleasant surprise to see a comment from you :) Steve is my very best friend… I can’t imagine my life without him. I am truly blessed. Thank you for blessing me with him! Have a lovely week! Hugs.

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