DIY Pom Pom Wine Charms

How about adding a little charm to your wine glasses?

Maybe your hosting a New Years party!  Maybe your not! {giggle}  Well, regardless — these sweet little DIY Pom Pom Wine Charms might be the extra little touch to your festive gathering of friends and family.  They are so simple and colorful with a twist of eclectic.  Shall we get this fun started?

Let’s grab a few quick supplies:
Earring Hoops
Craft Pom Poms (colors of choice)
Round Nosed Pliers

Some earrings are ready for wine charm use… if not, it’s an easy-breezy fix!  Simple bent the loop up and out a bit so that the latch will be able to fit over and snap on.  I tried capturing that below so you can better understand what I’m explaining.

You’ll then want to slide your pom-poms on…..
one, two,  three, or four in one color or mutliple colors.
Mix and Match FUN!

Now, let’s take the round nosed pliers clasp on to the straight end of the earring (again, this only applies if the earrings you purchased aren’t already for use).

Below you can see how I bent the wire up and over.  You’ll continue to bend until the end of the wire your bending meets the ring.

Aaaand, that’s it.  Pretty stinkin’ cute, right?
Pair these cuties up with some Pom Pom Garland {love} — and you are ready to par-tay!


I’ll be partying {here and here}.
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