Pallet Planter Box: DIY Project

Pallet Planter

A Pallet Planter Box… true {love}.
The inspiration for this project started with this picture:


Funny enough, I think the pallet project being featured in that picture is the coffee table.  HA! Well, I saw beyond the coffee table and fell in love with those planter boxes.  I thought they could easily be made with pallet wood, and why not give it a try?   Of course that required a pallet, which meant I needed to get my hands on one.  Mission accomplished with a little dumpster diving drive by in which I scored two.  Woo Hoo!  

Grab your hammer, nails and mitre saw!  
Let’s make a Pallet Planter Box.

What you will need to cut is the following.
The width of your boards will vary on your pallet.
(2) 13-1/2″ boards
(11) 12″ boards
(4) 9″ boards

Here is a hand drawn illustration (by my hubby) to help with understanding what to do at each step of constructing the front and the back pieces of the planter box.

step one.  Take two of your 12″ pieces and lay them horizontally parallel to one another.  Whether they’re flush or there is a slight gap will depend upon on the width of your pallet boards.

step two.  Take your other two 9″ pieces and place them vertically on top of the other boards (one on each end).

step three.  Now take the 13-1/2″ board (the piece I refer to as the brace, although it’s not technically a brace) and place it horizontally parallel centered to the top and bottom of the bottom pieces.

step four:  Repeat for the back piece.

For the sides, you’ll want to grab two 12″  boards for each side.  Take those boards and nail them into the ends of both the front and the back pieces we’ve already put together.

Once those are attached, you’ll nail your three remaining 12″ pieces on the bottom.

assembling the bottomcompleting the box

completed planter boxAnd you’re done!
A rustic, weathered pallet planter box!

Here’s a tip.  After cutting the pallet boards, the ends are not as weathered. You can see that in some of the pictures above.  I took some black crafting paint, watered it down and rubbed it over those spots with a rag.  After it absorbs, you won’t know the difference.

Planter Boxp.s.  Be sure to swing by and check out my Pallet Serving Tray too!

I’ll be partying {here and here}.
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  1. says

    Kelly I love this! I also love that you gave a diagram! Thank your husband for me! My pallet is still leaning up against the back of the house just waiting for me to do something with it! Thanks for some morning inspiration!

    • says

      Thanks, Danni! I’ll be sure thank my hubby as well… diagrams can be super helpful! Put that pallet to good use and make yourself a couple of these :) Happy Monday, friend. xo

  2. says

    I love a good pallet project even though I haven’t yet tried one. I guess I’m storing them all up in my head for whenever I actually find a way to get a pallet or two home. Thanks for the idea!

    • says

      Thanks, Liz! Pallet projects are something fun and different… I hope to round up a bunch of pallet projects in the next week or two for even more inspiration :) Happy Monday! xo

    • says

      Thanks so much, Megan. The weathered look is perfect, isn’t it… I can’t resist begonias, such a colorful and hardy flower.

  3. says

    Love it Kelli! Great work with the tutorial and awesome photos! Thanks!

    Have a great day!

    Amy @Sugar and Spice

  4. says

    Your (hubby’s?) diagram makes it look easy enough for even me to give this a try!! I have 2 pallets taunting me to do a project with them. I can see three of these in a line as a centerpiece on the dining table. I would love it if you shared this at my party, You’re Gonna Love It Tuesday:

    • says

      Hi Shannah! Thanks so much for loving on my pallet project :) I will do my best to swing by…. so many parties, so little time. xo

  5. says

    Oh WOW, LOVE them!! I actually saw some small boxes similar to the ones you made at a garage sale for DIRT cheap, but I couldn’t think of what to do with them. Oh how I wish I could go back and buy them to put flowers in them!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • says

      Thanks so much, Katie! What a bummer on those boxes at the garage sale… well, if you get a pallet or two, you can make these pretty cheap 😉 Hope you’re having a great week!! Hugs.

  6. Kristine says

    What a GREAT idea! Great DIY project and you explained it so well! NICE JOB! :) Always enjoy your posts.

  7. says

    I love your take on the pallet craze, Kelly! They’re so rustic and look fantastic with your flowers (begonias?)

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

    • says

      Thanks so much, Lorrie! I know my hubby will be glad to hear that the illustration has been helpful. Have a fabulous day. Hugs!

  8. says

    These are cute! There are a lot of pallets laying around my neighborhood due to new construction. I may have to see if I can grab one so I can make some of these.

  9. Connie says

    Very nice, please link it up with me today at Wow Us Wednesday. Following you linky followers :)

    • says

      Hi Elise! Thanks so much for stopping by… my hubby and I did this project together. I will be sure to swing by your blog and say hello.

    • says

      Hi Laurie! Thanks so much for stopping by via The Picket Fence. I’m thrilled to have you here — and I couldn’t agree more, anything rustic catches my attention too. Have a lovely day. xo, Kelly

  10. says

    Oh Kelly!! They are wonderful!!! I wouldn’t mind having them myself hehe

    Thanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  11. says

    Love this! I just found your blog! I just rebuilt a fence so I have a TON of old wood….. I think I’ll be making some planter boxes! :)

    • says

      WOO HOO!! How exciting that you already have the supplies! So glad you found me and my little corner of bloggy land. Don’t be a stranger! Hugs.

  12. says

    This is a fantastic idea Kelly! Super easy and looks terrific. I’ve been wanting to make some boxes for my bathroom and I think these will be perfect. Thanks for the diagram – will definitely help when making them! I’m going to pin this!

    • says

      YAY! Super glad you like my project :) Thanks for stopping by, leaving some comment love and pinning! Happy Saturday. Hugs.

  13. says

    Hi Kelly! What a greqt tutorial! I will be putting this on my craft wish list! Thanks so much for coming out to the party at Clean and Scentsible. I’ll be featuring this tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  14. says

    I love these and would so love to have them in my kitchen so I just tried to convince my husband (via email) that I needed your saw. He laughed and refused. I guess I’m not nearly as handy as I dream that I am.

    • says

      Girl, you are too cute! You don’t have to own a mitre saw, but using a handsaw would be quite a bit of work :) Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a fabulous day. xo, Kelly

  15. Laura says

    Does one pallet make one planter? Did you have any left over wood? Could you make another planter with the leftovers?

    Looks great!

    • says

      Hi Laura! The planter will only use portion of a pallet, you will have left over wood. I would think you could get at least three pallet planter boxes out of one pallet, depending on the condition of your pallet. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. says

    LONG time stalker and lover of your blog. I adore these planters and think it’s absolutely genius! I’ve featured this post on my blog and wanted to share the bloggy love! Everyone needs to see what an awesome idea this is!

    As always, thanks for rockin’ the inspiration!

    • says

      Thanks so much Jen! I really appreciate it. :) I thought a planter box would be a different and fun idea for a pallet wood DIY. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo.

  17. Pilar says

    This looks so pretty! Finally found something to do with all my small pieces of wood just lying around. Very helpful, thank you :)


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