Washi Tape Crafts | Oh how I love thee!

Washi Tape, Oh How I Love Thee!  How about you?  Do you {love} washi tape? I have so much fun making washi tape crafts too!  Tomorrow I’m hosting a fabulous Washi Tape Giveaway, so today I thought I might share a teaser with a few of the fabulous projects I’ve recently done with it — for Valentine’s Day, of course!

washi tape

Doesn’t the color just make your heart sing?

So, let’s take a closer look.  All of these are super easy to pull off — no step by step tutorials, just ideas and inspiration…  to encourage you to get your hands on some washi tape and have some washi fun!!

washi tags

:: Washi & Kraft Valentine Tags ::

So super dupe easy.  As I mentioned in my DIY Stitched Heart Valentine Tags, I made these tags with kraft paper.  All that was left to do was add a strip of lovey-dovey washi tape {wink}.  Voila!

paper mache box

:: Paper Mache and Washi Tape Boxes ::

Here I only did the lid of the box; however, you can see a tutorial on covering the entire paper mache box here.  Washi tape adds the perfect compliment to these boxes and yet another fantastic way to gift a treat or special present for those you adore.

washi covered matchboxes

:: Washi Tape Covered Matchboxes ::

Last week I shared vintage inspired covered matchboxes with you.  Today, here’s a spin using the fabulous washi tape.

matches and washi equal

A simple matchbox and some washi tape make quite the transformation.  The key to using the washi tape is to be sure that you cover the matchbox with white paper first.  This colorful little box is sure to put a smile on anyones face. It’s perfectly pleasant… and makes you wonder what’s inside. {wink}  For the kiddos, this allows for perfect portion control on the candy {woot-woot}.

So, there you have a few sweet washi tape crafts for you to have some fun with — maybe even for Valentines Day.  So, tell me, what washi tape projects have you done?

 I’ll be partying {here and here}.
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  1. says

    I loooove washi tape – its just so fun! Love all these sweet projects! That matchbox it so adorable. I guess nothing is safe when washi tape is involved :). Looking forward to the fourteen days of crafting event!

  2. Angie R. says

    I am trying to start crafting and I purchased some Washi tape through an online special not sure how I would use it. These are really cute ideas, but I do have a question. Does the tape wrap around to the back on these projects, or is it just on the front? Do you cut the tape to make an even edge on the front? Thanks for any input!

  3. says

    Love the colors and patterns on those adorable little boxes. So happy to be a part of the 14 Days of Crafting Love event with you. Sharing your post on my FB page today.

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  4. says

    What did we do before washi tape?So cute – such great ideas and versatile for boys or girls! Have you seen the sheets of tape from Lifestyle Crafts! YUM!


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