Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree

Oh, friends! I have an extra special project to share with you today!  I’ve teamed up with FloraCraft® to share a fun “Foam for the Holidays” Christmas project.  I {love} a good challenge, don’t you?  I decided to try my hand at this Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree.  Isn’t it darling?

Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree using styrofoam balls with livelaughrowe.comWould you believe that it’s simply made from fabric and Make it Fun®: Foam (styrofoam)?  It’s a super easy project, just a little time consuming!  Ready to see how it came together?  I’m dying to show you!  Let’s start by gathering up a few supplies.

Supplies for Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree:
Make it Fun®: Foam pre-cut cone (6-7″ in height)
Make It: Fun®: Foam foam 1″ balls (approx. 74 – yep, 74!)
Fabrics of Choice
Glue Gun
Star (0ptional)

supplies for scrap fabric christmas treeOnce you have your supplies, you’ll want to cut or tear your fabric into strips.  I would cut/tear additional strips along the way as well.  They can be thick or thin, based on what you are more comfortable working with.  I found if the strips were thinner, it was easier and made the scrap fabric balls less bulky.

You’re going to glue an end of your fabric strip to your ball and start wrapping…

wrapping scrap fabric around make it: fun foamAnd continue wrapping (adding glue here and there along the way) until the entire ball is covered.  You’ll then want to glue the other end down.  Continue making the scrap fabric balls that will be used to create your scrap fabric Christmas tree.

I believe my cone was about 7″ in height and I used 74 fabric covered 1″ stryofoam balls.

Next you’ll want to cover the pre-cut cone with a fabric of choice.  I wrapped mine around and attached it using my hot glue gun.  I then traced the bottom of the cone onto the fabric as well.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, as we’ll be covering the fabric with all of our scrap fabric balls.

cover the styrofoam cone with fabricOnce all of your scrap fabric balls are ready and your cone is covered — we’re ready to start attaching the balls and creating our tree!  Eeeks.  Isn’t this exciting?

You’ll place a small amount of hot glue (approximately a little be less than dime size) onto your scrap fabric ball and attach to your fabric covered cone.

attaching scrap fabric wrapped styrofoam ballsAs you can see, I started at the bottom and worked my way up and around.

creating the scrapfabric christmas treeContinue doing this until your cone is covered and attach a star to the top (optional).  I happened to find a small metal star in a local shop, and it worked perfectly.  Use wood, metal or even cardboard!  The final product is this adorable Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree that shows off your holiday spirit and crafty goodness!

Fabulous and Festive Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree with livelaughrowe.comBe sure to find other fun Make It: Fun foam crafts on the Crafts ‘n Coffee blog.

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  1. JaneEllen says

    All the fabrics you used on the foam balls are very pretty, look great on the cone and the tree. Really great job. Love projects like this. Happy holidays.

  2. says

    This is so fun, I just love it! The fabrics are so pretty all together. You could easily do this with spring fabrics, or even keepsake fabrics from kids’ clothes. Wonderful idea.

  3. says

    I am totally making this next year. its just adorable!!! thanks so much for linking to Create Link Inspire! I’ve just featured this project in a group of Christmas sewing ideas and spread the word around the social media world… I’ve tagged you and would love re-shares, tweets or +1s… have a great weekend and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! EMily


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