Repurposed Plant Markers {Twigg Studios}

Hi my name is Aimee and I write the blog Twigg Studios, I’m 24 and I live in England.  My blog is mostly full of tutorials that I have created to share with you guys (I love all my readers). I started blogging a year ago and I feel that I have found my feet now and my style. I’m really excited to be guest posting for Kelly today, I hope you can come and visit me over at my blog some time. Today, I thought I’d share with you my repurposed plant markers project.

love aimee (twiggstudios)


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    What a great idea! These look really good and couldn’t be much easier. Knowing myself, I’d probably wind up butchering my finger with the wire cutters, but that’s what my husband’s for, right? Thanks for sharing, Aimee.

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      Hi Jelli! Thanks so much for loving on Aimee’s project. She has so many fabulous ideas :) And, yes, hubbies are a fabulous ‘help mate’ when it comes to some projects {giggle}. Have an incredible week!.

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      Woot! Thanks so much for loving on Aimee’s project — love that you both spell your name the same way too :) HUGS!!


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