Live Laugh Rowe is MOVING!

NEXT WEEK || Possibly as early as Tuesday!
Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.

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We just have to stay in touch or I’ll miss you terribly!
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Why are you moving to WordPress?
That seems to be the question of the week/day/hour.
Well, at Bloggy Boot Camp, WordPress came up a ton!
I decided to ask the cold, hard question:
WHY?  Why WordPress over Blogger?
I mean,  I’m kinda all warm and cozy over here at Blogger
and I needed some cold hard facts.

Guess what?  I got them!

This Moving Your Blog to WordPress article is a helpful read and
reiterates the two significant reasons I needed to make this move.
Let me also say that this is a business decision for me.
We all blog for different reasons, so making this switch may not be for you.
However, for me, my blog is one of my small businesses.
I want to invest in it and be sure that it grows.
Remember, I like to DREAM BIG!

SEO Optimization

I want to have the maximum exposure and search engine optimization as possible.
WordPress offers themes and plug-ins that will do just that.

Ownership of Content

Did you know that on blogger, we own NOTHING!  They can shut us down tonight.
Actually a month or so ago, they did shut me down!  That scared the life out of me.
With WordPress, I will own everything — it’s all mine, I have full control.
You know what? I kinda like that.  I’m a bit of a control freak anyway {giggle}.

There it is in a nut shell.  I’m excited.  I’m scared. I’m taking a risk, but that’s what we should do for our businesses.  I hope to see you in my NEW corner of bloggy land next week,  I’m hoping for very few boo-boo’s on my part as I learn the new platform, but just in case, please  bear with me and be patient.  Most importantly, I’m expecting great things and I can’t do it without each of YOU!

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  1. Tracie Dean says

    I hope the transition is painless. You need to let me know if wordpress is a platform for the "not so techy techs".

    I already follow you so at least you have 1 friend…lol

  2. Jenny says

    Congrats on the new WP site. Do you have your new domain picked out yet? You'll have tons of fun with it, there is so much you can do 😀

  3. Gen says

    Thank you for the nutshell. I'm always wondering what the benefits are and I can never see them. I've read many articles about it, but you saying that you own nothing of your blog (which really doesn't surprise me with google…) makes me understand better now. For me the cost is still the biggest thing keeping me on blogger, but you have fun on wordpress for me, lol!!

  4. Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford says

    Moving to WordPress is not the end of the world…it's the beginning of a new one! You get to keep your domain name wherever you go, so don't worry about that Gen. I would love to know the cost of the transition and what your monthly "fee" is on your own hosting. We'll be following you lady!

  5. Grace InAZ says

    I am sure all will go swimmingly! Good luck in the transition…and we'll see you when you get there!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  6. Katie @ Little Becky Homecky says

    You are going to love it! I just switched last week and I am super excited about it!!

  7. Lori says

    I follow by email so I'm with ya girl! Are you getting any help with the move? I have been wanting to expand, but I want an EXPERT mover…any suggestions? Thanks so much, Lori

  8. Cherished Bliss says

    I'm getting ready to do it too…so you figure it all out first, then I can ask you… hehe! just kidding! I just have to catch up on all my emails and get life back in order before I can start freaking out about my blog disappearing : ) Good luck!

  9. Lish says

    Woohoo..nice!!! I've questioned it myself…but I'm quite comfy where I am too..not ready to make the leap!! LOL!!

  10. Maureen Hayes says

    We're following you wherever you go, don't worry! I am happy for you that you are making this decision, it sounds like you did your homework and it is the right decision for you. I hope there will be no hiccups, but even if there are, I trust you will figure it all out. Best of luck and see ya over at WordPress!

  11. Laura says

    SITS has almost convinced me too to make the same change. The big question…did you do it yourself or hire someone?

  12. Alison@Mama Wants This says

    Congratulations on the impending move! You won't regret it, WordPress is awesome, I cannot sing its praises enough.

    Stopping by via SITS!

  13. christine says

    Wow what a big move!! Wishing you the best in the dot com world. After reading your post, I'm thinking about moving from Blogger…very insightful. Thanks!

    dela chic

  14. Debra Kapellakis says

    I wish you the very best. I am following you by email. I hope I don't lose you.

  15. Evelyn says

    Wow!! Good to know. I am signing up for your email so I don't loose ya! Still enjoying following.

  16. Evelyn says

    Kelly, Thanks for visiting my little blog. I have read your blog and learned so much from it so when you tell me I am "a no reply commenter:( I know that you are trying to save me from myself. LOL But I am not sure what to do or even what that means:( I am a pretty new blogger so throw all the help my way that you can:)


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