Holiday Wishes from Parker & Buster

As some of you may know, I {love} my dogs!!
I’m hoping to include my furry friends in more posts in the new year!

When you don’t have kids, your pets become your pride and joy!  Parker and Buster bring a great deal of personality into our home.  The hubs and I can’t imagine not getting their sloppy kisses, playing ball or listening to them sing. Yep, my Parker sings/howls and sometimes Buster will pipe in with a bark or two.  They get lots of {love} every single day — and Christmas is no exception   They even have their very own stockings filled with toys, greenies, and way too many other treats!  Yep, I’d  go as far as saying they are super-duper spoiled.

Anywho, last year I had my photographer (and sister) of Kristine Lynn Photography snap these photos of the boys over the holidays.  Tell me these bow ties don’t make them look as handsome as ever?!?!  I decided that I would send off some holiday wishes from them to all of you — my fabulous readers this year.  Plus, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share these adorable pictures.  So, as the dogs would say:

Interpretation:  MERRY CHRISTMAS from Buster and Parker

Bow ties with collars were purchased from Baxter Boo.
Thanks for letting me share some {love} from my furry friends!

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  1. Camille says

    Awww, Buster & Parker are the CUTEST…excuse me, HANDSOMEST (males are not cute, they are handsome) pups ever!!! Merry Christmas Kelly, Buster, Parker & Mr. LLR!

    • says

      Thanks so much, Camille! They are pretty handsome, aren’t they? SMILE! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas as well.
      xo, The Rowes

  2. Sandra L. says

    Well aren’t they just too adorable. Lady Buttercup sends holiday wishes to Buster & Parker. She like them has her own stocking, hand picked by my grandson when she joined the family a year ago Christmas. And like them, she is spoiled, well about as much as you can spoil a Budgie. lol!

    Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Maybe your new year be a blessed one.

    • says

      Hi Sandra! MERRY CHRISTMAS…thanks so much for stopping by and loving on my furry friends. Buster and Parker also send their holiday wished to Lady Buttercup. God Bless. Hugs, Kelly

  3. Deana says

    What great pictures. The bow tie collars look sharp on Buster and Parker. We also do stockings for the furry babies sense we have 5 now I made one big stocking for all 5 of them. Holly and Dog(yes that is his real name. We adopted him from a family that was moving into an Apr. they tried over 20 names and that was the only one he listened too haha) they still have their original stockings. My daughters
    Now in early adult hood like to take the 2 of them Christmas Eve or Day outside or another room to share their private stockings with them. Our 3 daughters fill Holly and Dogs stocking as their christmas tradition. They have done this sense each of the fur babies came to live with us.

  4. says

    Your fur-babies are absolutely adorable! Love the Christmas ties on them. So sweet.
    Wishing you and your family (and Parker & Buster!!) a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
    Debbie :)

  5. Kristine says

    Those boys hold a special place in my heart! …and I love theses images! Still some of my faves for sure!

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