Fall Decorating Inspired by Pottery Barn

I’m excited to say that all of my fall decorating is done — and I’m loving it! Today I’m going to share a couple of my pieces that were inspired by Pottery Barn.

Simple and Inexpensive DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Decor.  Tutorial at livelaughrowe.com Have you started decorating for fall yet?  I do tend to add and change things up throughout the season.  There’s so much inspiration on-line, in magazines and in the stores.  It’s hard not to, right?  In seeing all of the the fabulous fall inspiration — I like to do some of it on a budget.  Saving here and there and making that dollar stretch is necessary when you like to decorate and have options.

I thought I’d share some of my inexpensive tips and tricks that I used on a couple of my own decorative pieces — which can be used as centerpieces or an addition to any seasonal piece.  Inspired by Pottery Barn, but for much less.  Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

Pottery Barn inspired fall decorating with LiveLaughRowe.com (picture credits) left: live laugh rowe | center: pottery barn | right: live laugh rowe

fall decorSupplies:
large glass vase
medium sized grapevine wreaths
small fruits & vegetables or something seasonal
tealight candle holder (this depends on size of vase)
short or tall pillar candle
…..and scissors

I’ll give you a quick breakdown on the budget here — I had the glass vase on hand from my wedding, so there was no cost there.  The pillar candle (Walmart) @ $3-4, grapevine wreaths (Micheal’s) @ .79 each, fall fruit and vegetable filler (Michael’s) $3.00 (with 40% off coupon), and tealight holder (another piece I had on-hand).  So, all of this (for me) was under $10.00. That’s less than a bag of  filler from Pottery Barn, which trust me — we all want, but you can find less expensive alternatives.  Confession:  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought many Pottery Barn fillers (and plenty of their decor) before; however, some things can be done for less.  Anwyho, I kinda {love} Pottery Barn!  Sometimes I buy them at the end of the season too.  Yep, I’m tricky like that {giggle}.

Dismantle the grapevine wreath and cut in one spot.So, we’re going to take one (or both) of those grapevine wreaths and dismantle them.  Go ahead and unwind the vine that is wrapped around the wreath itself.  Go ahead and cut through the grapevine on one side, as pictured.  It’s basically going from grapevine wreath to a filler that we can manipulate to fit into our glass vases.  How many grapevine wreaths you use will depend upon how full you want your vase to be and the size of the vase that you’ll be using.

place wreath in the vase with tea light candle holder if you need to raise the pillar candleOkay.  My glass vase is larger, so I needed to raise my pillar candle up a bit.  I placed a piece of a paper towel on the bottom (so there wasn’t any rattling and/or scratching) and placed my tealight holder on top of it, upside down.  This will serve as the stand for my pillar candle.  Note:  If your vase is shorter or your candle is shorter,  you may not need to do this.  I then manipulate my grapevine wreath to wrap around the sides along the bottom.  It will be a tight fit, but since we cut the grapevine wreath, you can twist and turn to your hearts content {wink}.

place candle on top of the tealight  candle holderNow we’ll place the candle in the center.  Mine is placed on top of the tealight holder. 

add harvest fruit and vegetables or seasonal filler of choicePour your harvest fruit and vegetables or filler of choice in —- and voila!
A fabulous piece to compliment your fall decorating plans!

Pottery Barn Inspired Fall DecorI included a second picture of another one I did (on the right).  The faux acorns were purchased at Walmart a couple years ago, but I {love} this one just as much!  I also can’t wait to show you some of my new fall decor…  so stay tuned!  I hope you found some fall decorating inspiration. After all of this decorating fun, I think I’ll go treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

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  1. Maddie Davis says

    Great idea with the wreaths and by the way, I thought yours was the expensive one! It looks better.

    • says

      Hi Terri! Thanks so much. I appreciate that you shared a link with your readers as well :) I tried to comment, but it kept saying I needed to be signed in — so I’m glad you stopped by! Have a fantastic week.


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