I Expect a Miracle!

I’m sure your wondering where this title, “I Expect a Miracle” is coming from.  Keep reading, you’ll see…  This past week I recieved a package in the mail from a reader and fellow blogger, Kristy @ Cup of Joe.  A few weeks earlier she had e-mailed me for a mailing address and I had no idea what to expect.  The package arrived and ,well, one cute box led to another even cuter box {smile}.

I opened the card first and the first three words that caught my eye were, “Not Quite Yet.”  If you’re a regular reader here at Live Laugh Rowe, you might have read my post about my battle with infertility, titled ‘Not Quite Yet // Prayer to be a Mommy‘ back in March.

I started crying at the sight of those three simple words.  I never in a million years expected that post to touch so many lives.  That was a very personal and difficult post to write (and publish), but I knew in my heart that’s what the Lord wanted.  I’ve come to conclude that if my story can encourage and cheer others on in their life’s journey (whether they face infertility or not), so be it. I’ve received numerous e-mails and words of encouragement since writing that post.  Little do you know that YOU (the readers) have made quite an impact on me as well.  So, on a quick side note,  THANK YOU!  Here is what the card said:


Your post back in March, “Prayer to be a Mommy,” brought tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart – but it also reminded me that God has a plan and a purpose for everything!  Many times I’ve visited your quote, “Not Quite Yet” and those three little words seemed to bring strength to the day.

Thank you for sharing your strength and faith!

Big Hugs,

I then proceeded to open the little box and found a stone tucked into the yellow organza box with the word ‘miracle‘ on it, along with a typed letter where Kristy shared her very own battle with endometriosis and infertility.

See, Kristy’s story ended with a miracle.  God is so good.  She currently has a beautiful 7 year old daughter.   She sent the miracle stone as a reminder to me that while I lie in wait for the answer to my prayer (whether it be happy or sad) — I can believe and expect a miracle.

Have you ever expected or waited on a miracle?
Sometimes its so much easier said than done.
A miracle is defined as follows: 

I grew up in a godly home, and as I’m typing this post, I am humming the tune to an old song by Bill & Gloria Gaither written for children, called “I Expect a Miracle.”  I can’t remember the whole song and couldn’t locate all the lyrics, but I do remember this part of the chorus:

I anticipate the inevitable,
supernatural intervention of God.
I expect a miracle.
I expect a miracle.
I expect a mir-a-cle! 

As a woman of faith, when unanswered prayers linger before us, there is really only one thing to do — Pray Hard, Trust the Lord and Expect a Miracle!  Thank you, Kristy, for allowing my story to touch you.  However, I am also grateful that you shared your story with me.  This stone will be a daily reminder to remain faithful in the small things, pray hard, trust the Lord and expect a miracle.

Wishing you many blessings!
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  1. says

    I’ve got goosebumps! I’m a huge believer in miracles and I LOVE praying for women who want to become mommy’s. You’re going onto my prayer list!

  2. says

    Beautiful story :) You are such an inspiration to many and to receive such a special little box in the mail totally proves that. Little miracles always come in small packages :)

    • says

      Lish, that you so much! Sometimes we don’t realized the impressions we make on the lives of others, but it’s sooo rewarding to see when we do :) Love you, friend!

    • Sharon k says

      Kelly, that was sooo awesome! You know that we have been praying for that Miracle and still do soo! Dad and I still sing that song. We sang it man times over the years! Now we are going yo sing in faith and believe for that SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION OF GOD!
      Love you! That must have been an awesome surprise!

      • says

        Thanks, Mom!! Love and appreciate all the prayers and support that you and Dad have provided to Steve and I. Can’t wait to see you in August. HUGS!!

      • says

        Oh goodness, the tears. Reading this comment from your mom was even better than this post! Praying earnestly for you, friend.

  3. says

    It brightens my day to know there are other people out there who care, who matter, and are willing to help a stranger in need. Everyone’s faith is tested. Not everyone can hold on.. In my opinion it seems you get what you need when you need it. I hate waiting. I am sure you do as well. But in the waiting you can find miracles you were never expecting. I think your “Miracle” stone is proof of that. So hold on, even if it is with just your pinky finger. Your journey is not over……..


  4. says

    That is such a wonderful story! I believe in miracles too! You probably don’t even realize how many people are praying for you since you shared your story. I am one of them and I’m sure the prayer chain goes on and on…

  5. says

    I love to see proof that the world is good, miracles happen, and God is all around us. Keep expecting, Kelly, and it will be given, in some way, it will be given.

    • says

      Thank you, Lilly! I loved how you phrased that — the world is good, miracles do happen and God is all around us. AMEN!!! Hugs.

  6. says

    I’m with LOVD on this one! I love to see how our lives DO impact others, good and/or bad. When we blog, our deepest hope is that we touch other lives with our own. What a beautiful and thought-filled gift!

    • says

      Hi Tristine! Thanks so much. It was a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I am so blessed to be surrounded with such love. Hugs!

  7. says

    That is so cool that this special reader was moved to send you some love. It’s so cool how the things she chose to send to your spoke to you in a special way. I’m sure her heart was touched and she “just knew” what to send. How sweet and thoughtful. And what a treasure that she shared a part of her struggle with you too. There is power in sharing.

    • says

      Yes, Kimberly — it is incredibly cool. I am one lucky lady whose surrounded by a large number of wonderful virtual friends and readers 😉 I love what you said too, there is power in sharing. xo-Kelly

  8. Kristine says

    I think that was definately a “God’s Love Note”moment to you. BE and STAY ENCOURAGED.

  9. Lin says

    What a thoughtful gift! My daughter was a miracle, after 8 miscarriages and infertility drugs. When I let go and accepted my fate, I became pregnant. Yes, miracles happen!

  10. Maureen says

    It is heartwarming to hear good stories like this. So many times in our world we are told not to expect miracles anymore, but they happen, every single day! This blessing from your “virtual” friend is a miracle of its own. Please know that you are being lifted up in prayer by so many, and whatever God’s answer is, you will be given a miracle!

    I battled infertility for years, and although I do not have a child, my story is still a happy one. God truly knows what He is doing and we need to trust that. I know that isn’t easy, but it truly is the way and it brings so much peace and comfort!

    Have a wonderful weekend and let’s all offer a prayer of thanksgiving for good people like Kristy who take the time to reach out and encourage others!

    God bless you and Kristy!

    • says

      Thanks so much, Maureen! God does know — Proverbs 3:5&6 is one of my favorite passages. I trust you’re having a great week. HUGS!!!

  11. Mary Dailey says

    I’m praying too! What a lovely, kind gesture.! It doesn’t take much to reach out to someone.

    • says

      Hi Shirley! The blog world is full of wonderful ladies (and gentleman). Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a fabulous end to your week :)

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