The Rowes

Rowe Family Pic

We are The Rowes — Steve and Kelly (and our furry friends Parker and Buster).  A Canadian and a Jersey girl, who both love the Lord and met on the Christian Cafe in 2005.  We married in 2008, built a new home and merged our worlds into one.  We have a beautiful home, but new construction is a lot of work *phew* and filling all the space may be fun, but expensive.  Project 129 is some of the work we tackled and have lived to tell about {BIG smile}.  It also includes some DIY fun.

We start each and every work day with a devotion and prayer. It’s something we miss terribly if we don’t do it. When Steve’s work schedule recently changed to 6 a.m. – 3 p.m., we attempted doing it at dinner or before bed — didn’t work. Soo… 5:15 a.m. it is :)

Steve is quieter and super laid back, which leaves me to be the opposite:  non-stop talker and a wee bit uptight. I tend to be the control freak that is clothed in perfectionism. We do compliment each other well.  However, there are days that I’m not sure how he puts up with me {wink}.  43, SMR!

Parker (our maltese) has been with us from the beginning and has an ENORMOUS personality.  Someone once pegged it and said “Parker has so much to say, he just doesn’t know how to communicate it.” {hee hee} Buster (our rescue, shitzu-pug mix) joined us in June 0f 2010.  The question with Buster is Who Rescued Who?  He is a sweet chunk of love… a wonderful addition to the Rowe home.  Our boys are spoiled rotten.

We love to laugh and if there is an adventure to be had or a story to tell — it’s going to happen to us and you’re most likely to hear about it.  Steve says that’s my doing…  He’s probably right, drama is my stalker.  Seriously, there is no exaggeration there. Steve and I have different senses of humor, yet we crack each other up.

We love to travel.  We may not be able to do a lot of it, but when we do, we soak up the sights, sounds, culture and each others undivided attention.  There is nothing sweeter than a retreat with your spouse.

We also love coffee, walking the dogs, watching TLC together, pad thai, sushi and playing games (although we’re both SUPER competitive).

Snuggling RowesWe live. We laugh. We are in {love}.