DIY Stitched Heart Valentine Tags

I’m excited to share another fun Valentine’s Day project with you.  These adorable, fabulous and super simple Stitched Heart Valentine Tags.  Lots of versatile uses too.  I {love} the combination of the color red with kraft paper colored boxes/bags/tags/etc.  It kinda makes my heart go pitter-patter.  Alrighty, let’s get this valentine fun started.

DIY Stitched Heart Valentine Tags with #stitchedheart #valentines #crafts

I thought I would approach this tutorial a little differently since it is super duper easy.  I took one picture, numbering the steps and will break it down a bit more in text versus a gazillion other pictures.  Different is good, right?  This tutorial is all of four simple steps.  Ready?  Here we go.

stitched heart tags


You’re going to want to grab some red embroidery floss (mine was #817), a needle, tags (kraft or manila), a heart stencil of choice, a pencil and eraser.    I made mine with the kraft tags (which I decided to make myself).  All you need is a tag template, kraft cardstock, a hole punch, reinforcement labels and scissors.  My kraft labels measure 4.75″ x 2.375″, the size of a shipping tag.  Easy peasy!


Take the heart template you’ve drawn and cut, or the stencil you might have on hand and trace it onto your tag in PENCIL (so you can erase the extra visible lines if you don’t stitch the entire perimeter of the heart shape).


You’ll then thread the embroidery floss onto your needle and stitch your heart.  I chose not to do the entire heart, but that is another fabulous option.  By placing a small not at the end of the threading, you’ll have a very clean look on the back as well.  After  I completed the stitched heart, I placed another small knot over the first knot.  Snip the thread and your heart is complete.

(4) ERASE.

Depending on whether you stayed in the lines (giggle) or chose not to stitch the entire outline of the heart, some pencil lines might be visible, so you’ll gently erase them and have a sweet tag for use as an embellishment, book mark or valentine with a hand written note.

Valentine's Day craft

Valentine TagsSo, what other fun pieces could you place a stiched heart on?
Happy Crafting! xo

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