A Frugal Fashion {2-in-1} Find

Jewelry can be soooo expensive!
Wouldn’t you agree?  However, accessorizing is so. much. fun!
The look of these thin necklaces/bracelets with the metal embellishment is lovely.
These pictured average from $52 to $338.  Wowzer!


Sometimes you find something that is an INCREDIBLE steal.
This past weekend I was in Chicago with my husbands brothers and their wives.
At dinner one evening, I complimented my sister-n-law (Tina) on her necklace and bracelets.
I honestly thought they were Silpada, I even asked her if they were.

You can imagine my surprise when she told me what they were.
All I can say is that there are some brilliant minds at Goody.
My sister-n-law proceeded to tell me that they were headbands and  pony tail elastics!
WHAT?  Did I hear her correctly?

Yepper!  Have you seen these?  Double Wear Headwrap Necklaces.
I came home and quickly made a trip to Walmart to check these beauties out.
I was even more pleasantly surprised to see they were less than $5 a package!
That beats $52 – $338 any day!  What do you think?


I’ll be partying {here, herehere and here}.
This is all 100% pure consumer {love}. No payment or free products.
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  1. says

    Awesome! When you first suggested that we guess I thought they looked like a hair elastic I had seen. My hair is definitely not a length for a ponytail right now but I love the simplicity of these as jewelry instead.

    Thanks for sharing Tina’s great find!

  2. says

    I have used those hair bands as bracelets as well! Isn’t it such a great idea!!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my with this post today…and inspiring me to wear the hair bands as bracelets again. 😉


  3. says

    How cool is that!!! I love that, and my daughter will really love that!!! Thanks for the heads up, I’m running to the store now! Great to find your site, I’m now happily following!

  4. Less says

    i found these at Longs Drugs in Hawaii, picked up 6 pairs of the headbands and 4 sets of the ponytail ones. they are so great and can be used to dress up or down as hair pieces and jewelry! i keep looking for more styles & colors!

  5. says

    I would have never guessed hair elastics! So cute! I need to check these out next time I am at the store! Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Take care,


  6. says

    Oh my goodness! I want some of these. I don’t think we have that brand here though. I will have to keep my eyes open!!! (it’s either that or a trip to my local beading shop to see if I can replicate them!).


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