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TGIF! Happy Friday, friends. I’m hoping that you had a shorter work week with the Memorial Day holiday. Well, I have a little something different today. As many of you may already know, A Little CLAIREification has been visiting with us as the Feature Sponsor for a few months. I absolutely {love} having her here and I hope you’ve all taken some time to go visit with her.  If not, be sure to start by reading her Q & A post to learn a little more about her.

Well, I thought I’d put a slightly different spin on her feature post this month. Let’s imagine we’re heading to Claire’s for some Food and Crafts, the equivalent of Dinner and a Movie (per say).  You know how some bloggers have Coffee Dates and say, “If we were having coffee, we would talk about…?”  Well, we’re going to do just that with Claire, except we’ll approach it as, “If we were heading to Claire’s tonight….” and we’ll feature some of her food and crafts.

I think Claire would keep in mind that some of us might be watching our waist lines, and taking that into consideration, she’d serve her ever so popular Low Calorie Chicken Enchilada Verde Recipe.

EnchiladasGetting hungry?  Pass the sour cream please! {hee-hee}  After that delicious dinner, we’d move on to catching up over some dessert, oh let’s say her Honey Almond Fillo Tart with Raspberries and Custard recipe.  Would you like that with coffee or tea?  I’ll take mine with coffee, no cream or sugar.  Nom nom nom!

raspberreisThroughout the course of dinner and dessert, we’d catch up over the week and how crazy-busy we all were.  We’d laugh, then laugh some more.   One of us would suggest that we have a little fun doing some crafting!  Eeeek!  Crafting?  Yes, please.

We’d all have a little fun experimenting with mod podge.  Then Claire would wow us with her Mod Podge Thrift Store Shoes.  So super cute, right?

mod podge shoesSomeone would ask to see some of the pillow projects she’s worked on and then we’d probably continue to laugh, squeal and chat the night away…  creating one masterpiece after another along with some fabulous memories.  Then we’d head our separate ways feeling refreshed and blessed for friends!

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Don’t forget she hosts this fabulous party too!
Best of the WeekendThanks so much for visiting with us!
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    Hi Kelly, it’s wonderful to see just a tiny look at all of the wonderful things Claire does – and she’s a great person! Thanks for sharing a little of Claire with us today and have a wonderful weekend!

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