Add a little sweet treat to the St. Patrick's Day fun with this White Chocolate Irish Party Popcorn. Easy to make with a little sweet and salty flavor. More at

Irish Party Popcorn


  • 12 oz White Candy Melted, one bag
  • 9-10 cups popped popcorn
  • 2 oz Green Candy Melts Drizzle Pouch, one bag
  • salt, to taste
  • green sprinkles, at your discretion


  1. Make popcorn (using packs or air popper)

  2. Place popcorn in large bowl, gently mix in the melted white candy into the popped popcorn.

  3. Add salt and sprinkles by sprinkling over the popcorn and gently mixing before the melted candy hardens.

  4. Add green candy melts (drizzle pouch) last, to ensure it doesn't melt.

  5. Lay on large baking sheet until it hardens, optional. 

Recipe Notes

Makes 9-10 cups