About Kelly Rowe

A DIY fanatic, Kelly shares her journey through her blog, Live Laugh Rowe, where she showcases her recipes, tutorials, crafts, home projects, and all things DIY. This East Coast Girl at heart believes family is number one as she finds the perfect balance of being a daughter, wife, sister, entrepreneur, writer and woman of God. Be sure to follow along as she shares her passion for life, love and family! Google+


  1. kelsey says

    would love an under 40 minutes mean plan but i would like to try gluten free too… hmmm options!

    • Emily Wilson says

      Hey Kelsey, This is Emily from Cooking Planit here. The awesome part about our meal plans is that even though you choose a primary plan, you can view all four plans anytime. Which means you can try under 40 AND gluten free for no extra charge. We hope you’ll try us out! – Emily

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