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This post is sponsored by Yoplait but my love of fruit and good yogurt is 100% my own.

Do you have childhood memories where the family headed to the orchards for peaches or apples?  Or maybe it was a day in the strawberry field with mom?  I remember getting so excited about those days!  Growing up in Upstate New York, I remember going apple picking not only with my parents, but with my youth group.  Those trips always ended with an apple dessert…  apple crisp being one of my faves!

I still enjoy trips to the orchards today!  I’m usually just as excited today as I was growing up — and I’m flooded with the memories of laughing, snacking on the fruit and time with my family.  I’m thankful for those sweet memories!  To this day, I continue to make those memories.  Whether it’s apple picking…

Kelly picking apples copy Fruitful Yogurt. Apple Pickingpicking fresh berries…

Rowes Strawberry Pickingor purchasing some of the best local peaches!

Fruitful Yogurt. PeachesI’m incredibly grateful that my mom brought us up on fruit!  It’s still one of my all time favorite snacks. Now that I’m older and sometimes too busy to pick the fresh fruit or even prepare it,  I love the option of getting my real fruit portions in other forms, like Fruitful by Yoplait.   What its it?  Yoplait Fruitful is simply real fruit and yogurt.  It has 1/3 cup of real fruit in each serving.  Score!  With six delicious flavors (Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango Pineapple & Orange, Blueberry, Peach, Cherries and Red Berries) to choose from, you can pick up your favorite flavor and take your own personal stroll down memory lane! Relive some of your favorite  memories that may have included a trip to the orchard or picking fresh berries.

Be among the first to experience the goodness of new Yoplait Fruitful, with a $.30 off coupon available to download at the product website. Grab your coupon!* (after clicking through, you’ll find the coupon on the right-hand side of the page by clicking on “Enjoy with a Coupon”).  Please note that coupons are void in LA, NV, NJ, ND and TN.  Long love fruit!

What memorable fruit moment does Fruitful bring to your mind? I’d love to hear your stories!

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Yoplait Fruitful is currently available in select Midwest and Central regions.
To find out if your local grocer carries Yoplait Fruitful, use the “where to buy” feature located at the bottom of the Fruitful landing page.


  1. says

    Growing up in Connecticut we spent summer & fall fruit picking. And that apple crisp looks yum! It’s one of my favorite desserts. Love apples!

  2. says

    I actually had fruit and yogurt for breakfast this morning- but had to defrost the frozen fruit myself. This is so much handier for on-the-go! I love it!

  3. Trish Butler says

    I love your photos. I love peaches. I should hate them, but I love peaches. My babysitter had peach trees and I would get in trouble for climbing them to smell the peaches. My punishment was to climb up the peach tree and get a switch for my bottom. lol To this day, I keep peaches on the counter so I can pick one up and smell it.


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