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Today, I’m privileged to introduce you to Jenny, the author of The NY Melrose Family — and my Feature Sponsor this month.  Have you met Jenny yet?  If not, today is your lucky day!  In blogging, we tend to make a number of virutal friends — and if we’re lucky, we get to meet them in person.  Guess what?  I got to do just that at BlogHer 2012.  Jenny happened to be there, and we were able to not only meet, but we got to hang out.  She is as sweet as can be!  She is a busy lady as she is a wife, mommy and teacher!  I told her how I give mad props to all working mommy’s who blog.  Hats off!  What I commend Jenny for is her passion for her blog. We sat and strategized, talked and laughed over our ‘iced’ coffee drinks from Starbucks.

Now, let’s get a little better acquainted with Jenny!

Tell us about someone who has inspired you recently and why?
I was actually inspired by Katie Couric’s story of loss that she shared at BlogHer.  I had no idea that she had lost her husband and sister, while still managing to be a successful professional and mother.

How did The NY Melrose Family blog get its start?
It started out for a way for my husband’s family to keep up with us once Riley was born and it gave me an outlet from my daily trials and tribulations as a reading specialist in a high needs school district.

What is something you wish your readers knew about you and why?
I wish my readers knew –  Everyday for me isn’t picture perfect. There are times we have sandwiches for dinner and my house is never as clean as it should be.  I also can’t quite seem to keep up with my daughter.  I think it’s important that my readers to realize that they are only seeing glimpses of my life.

Here’s a peek at some fun you might find at The NY Melrose Family:
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Now, be a peach and go show Jenny some {love}.
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