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Meet Tranae of Becoming Fabulous.
A southern girl with a Twilight addiction!
Peak your interest?  Well then…
Let’s get a little better acquainted with her.

When did you start blogging and why?
I originally started my blog in September of 2011 as a method for journaling my attempt to get physically fit. Major mistake. Everything I wrote about was exercise or health related and to be honest I was bored with it. Whenever I would write a post it would feel like a chore. Months went by when I didn’t give my blog a second thought.  So I revamped my blog in February of this year. I changed the name to Becoming Fabulous and widen the focus.

What is your blogs niche?
My blog is so random it is hard to define niche. My blog includes posts about fashion, school, movies, books, craft projects, decorating, and life in general. So I guess it would fit into the lifestyle niche.

What inspires you and your blog?
I could easily make a very long list of things that inspires me but don’t worry I will give you the short answer. I am most inspired by my family, my dreams, and by nature.

Mountain Hideaway or Beach House?
Definitely the beach house. We went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon and I fell in love with the beach.

Summer or Winter?
Early summer is one of my favorite times of the year. Its warm enough for shorts and sandals but jeans are still comfortable to wear.

Late Night Snack?
A big bowl of Corn Pops. Love!

Favorite Smells?
I love the smell of baking rum cake or any type of cake for that matter. Rum cake is the only cake I can bake and yes I eat the batter.

The first thing you notice about people?
Their gender is usually the first thing I notice. I’m a big flirt so I tend to smile a bit more at guys.

What is the color of your car?
I drive a bright yellow Nissan Xterra. It was a graduation present from my parents.  I love this car and it fits my personality perfectly.

What does a day in the life look like for you?
I’m not a morning person so I usually crawl out of the bed around noon. Then I eat while checking my emails and other online stuff. After that I get a quick workout and shower. I work from home and attend school online so most of my day is spent in my den or home office grading papers or writing them. I follow up all that fun by playing with Chloe (my Shih-Tzu), cooking dinner, cleaning, and doing other boring house stuff. The Mr. usually makes it home around 8 so we spend a couple of hours talking about our day while eating dinner.  Around 10 or 11 the real fun begins, this is when I write, work on crafts projects, and do other creative stuff. Then at about 1 or 2 (yes, in the morning) I crawl into bed and read a book or find interesting stuff to pin until I fall into a coma like sleep.

Thanks for sponsoring Live Laugh Rowe, Tranae!
We {loved} having you visit with us today.
As you would say, “Stay Fabulous.”
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