Fabulous Felt Fortune Cookies

It’s official, out with the Christmas projects as we move on to Valentine’s Day!!   Does anyone else feel like we rush holidays in and out…like fast food drive-ins?  {giggle}  Oh well.  At least we can have fun in the process, right?  Today I get to have fun sharing another felt project with you.  YAY!

Anywho, Pinterest and Martha have done it again.  They inspired these Fabulous Felt Fortune Cookies.  They’d make a fantastic Valentine or even a festive favor.   I just think they’re adorable! Let’s get this fun started.

captioned fortune cookiesSupplies:
Felt, 18 gauge craft wire, satin ribbon,
tacky glue or hot glue gun, scissors and wire cutters.

First things first, let’s prep up the supplies.  Cut the felt into circles (4″ in diameter). Prep the wire and ribbon, but cutting them to be a little shorter than the 4″.    You’ll then want to use your tacky glue or hot glue gun and attache the wire to the center of your circle (as pictured below).

You’ll then want to attach the ribbon to the wire.  If you use the tacky glue, you’ll need to allow for about 20-30 minutes of dry time.  I used my hot glue gun… I like to get it done {smile}.

Once you’ve attached both the wire and the ribbon, you’ll want to fold the circle  in half.

You’ll now want to take a hold of both sides of your half circle (the wire and ribbon should be in middle of the fold).  It was a wee-bit impossible to take a picture of me doing this and setting up a tripod wasn’t going to happen.  Soooo, we have to use our imagination.

Once you’ve got a hold of both sides, you’ll start to bend each side towards the other.  The wire should bend at the middle as pictured below.

That’s it!  You officially have a Fabulous {and adorable} Felt Fortune Cookie!
Slide your Valentin’es Day fortune in — or add a sweet touch with a small tasty treat.

edited fortune cookiesHappy Crafting!  Enjoy!

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