Bloggy Boot Camp // #BBCSTL

Where do I begin?  This conference was my very first bloggy conference — and I learned soooooo much! I learned a lot about myself, my blog and even YOU!  I could never cover in one post all the information that I am still trying to digest, so how about we start with some of the fabulous women I met?
If you checked in on Saturday, you would might have seen that on Friday night, I met the infamous Laurie Turk of Tip Junkie at the mixer sponsored by Charmin.  She’s such a sweetie.  We all told secrets and even pinky swore! Such a blast.  I also met Cheryl (below, second from the left) from That’s What Che Said and Debbie (below, on the far right) from Debbie Does Creations for the first time. Erin (below, second from the right) is my bloggy BFF from How to Nest for Less, we officially met back in February.  The four of us had such a BLAST and painted the town red on Friday night.
And laughed a-lot!

Saturday put me into information overload {giggle}.  There were a number of sessions, focusing on The Business of Blogging, SEO, Vlogging, Design and other Social Media fun.  Here’s a couple of the breakout session speakers.  Such great information.  Yep, I took lots of notes in hopes of sharing some of the {love} with you.
I do hope to post some of the tips and tricks I learned over the next couple of weeks.  
So, stay tuned!  For now, lets see who else I met {smile}.
Jacinta from My Beauty Boxes (pictured left)
Erika from Southern Belle as an Army Wife (pictured right)
I got to reconnect with my friend Sarah from The Blog Guidebook.
I had no idea she was going to be there!  YAY!
Dana from Crafted Niche
Happy Hours, here we come!
Danielle from ExtraordinaryMommy.
I’ve officially been inspired to VLOG {eeeks!}
The day ended with a Wine taste testing event sponsored by Mirassou.  I’m a white wine kinda gal and enjoyed a glass of their Moscato.  It was yummy!  Everyone mingled, chatted and shared what they learned — and before we knew it said their goodbyes.

THANK YOU to The SITS Girls for everything you did in coordinating this event.
Guess what? Upcoming change — I’m moving to WordPress.  Soon and very soon!
I’m happy and sad.   I’m excited and nervous.  I’m officially going to take the plunge.
What do you think?  Am I crazy or brilliant?

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  1. Shasta @ intheoldroad says

    I've never been to one of these conferences so I appreciate when someone (like you) posts pictures and stories about them. I look forward to your future posts on some of the tips you learned. Thanks for sharing


  2. Kate @ A Creative Cookie says

    Looks like lots of fun!!! I've been thinking about WordPress. The only thing holding me back is everything I already know about Blogger! I know that WordPress has lots of really neat features, so I'm tempted. I can't wait to see your new site! :)

  3. Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm says

    Looks like you had a great time! I'm curious to know why you want to change to WordPress?

  4. DebbieDoesCreations says

    You are going to rock WordPress! It was so stinkin' fun to meet you. Loved this weekend so very much. Thanks for everything girl!

  5. Briana Richardson says

    I'm excited to hear about everything you learned! I'm your newest follower!
    Briana @

  6. Love to Write says

    I was there and had a great time as well! Like you I am going to take the plunge and move to Word Press! Crazy or Brilliant? I guess we both find out soon! :)

  7. @TiffanyRom says


    I had such a blast. What a great group of ladies.

    You won't regret the move- owning your own space makes you queen of your own domain {literally}.

    Thank you so much for coming!


  8. ErikaV says

    Do you know, I did not get hardly any pictures?! I think I may have lost my mind Saturday!! 😀 I enjoyed the short amount of time we did get to chat, though and hopefully I'll get to see you again!

    Talk to you later and have a great week!


  9. Kimberly says

    I'm so glad you went! I'm going to the Blogher Conference the end of July. It will be my first conference. As I was reading your post I was excited to live vicariously through you. Your last paragraph made me say "Oh!" out loud. Hubs, thinking I'm reading like a news site, said {all concerned} "what"?! But anyway, I created a WordPress Blog yesterday and imported my blog over. It's "live" but I haven't re-directed my Blogger over. –Not sure if I want to go WordPress.Com or WordPress.Org. I hope you will tell us more.

  10. Laurel says

    Sounds like a great conference. Can't wait to see you transition to Word Press. I'm not brave enough to try yet….and I keep thinking those google folks will improve Blogger so it will catch up in capability!

    Laurel @ SoPo Cottage

  11. Leslie says

    Looks like you had a blast. I want to go to a conference so badly, but it’s just not in the cards for a while!

  12. Annie says

    I was sitting right behind you when you asked Tiffany about moving to wordpress :) I wish we could have met! After visiting I gotta say you have a very beautiful blog! I will be back to visit often, have a great week!

  13. Kristy R says

    Oooh…why the jump to Word Press??..I'm so new into this bloggy world should I be making A jump before I get too far along??

  14. Jacinta says

    It was seriously SOOO nice to meet you! I feel like if we lived close, we would be best friends! I absolutely adore your blog and hope one day I will have pictures as cute and professional as yours! I am currently switching my blog to WordPress (yes, Itook that leap after the conference), so my page may be a mess for a while! Haha! Check me out anyway if you would like!

    :) Jacinta

  15. Thrifty Frog says

    How exciting for you! I look forward to reading about the tips, etc you brought back with you. Maybe one day I'll get to one of those conferences!
    Huge green hugs,
    Pat @ Thrifty Frog Blog

  16. says

    Thanks for sharing such great information! I so wish I would’ve gone because I am only 3 hrs from St Louis, next time I am there.
    I am going to have to re-read all of this again and really look at my blog in a different way. I am so excited to go to Haven, but yet a little intimidated. Are you going to Haven? If so I would love to meet you.

    Andrea xo


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